Saturday, February 24, 2018

and there's a lot of potential in a mighty, mighty organ

Found this profile-wandering:
1. Be patient and understanding. No Dom/Domme is perfect; subbies have bad days like anyone else. Both parties are human and deserve respect even if it is given in different ways.
2. Be there for each other. Do your utmost to stay in contact. Don't just disappear.
3. Doms, don't be collectors. How can you possibly have the time for 10, 15 or more subs? They deserve better from you.
4. Subs, give your gift of submission only after careful consideration. Meeting someone than asking them to collar you after 30 minutes is NOT enough. Build trust first.
5. Open communication is key. Subs should be allowed to talk to their Dom and raise concerns, wants, desires in a respectful manner. Dom should consider carefully what their sub has to say. Doesn't mean bend to every request, but if there are problems you will never know if your sub cannot speak frankly with you.
6. Doms, don't take a sub just because you are lonely, and subs, don't serve just anyone who will say yes.

Some very good tips, all in all.

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