Wednesday, February 14, 2018

both hands with a heart to hold

[13:15] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Can someone transfer their boyfriend?
[13:15] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to me Though at times, I'm sure many women, and not some few men, would be willing.

So, a little more on the raffle at Sakura. That SLUrl should (with any luck) bring you to the club, to see these:

So--theoretically, at least--if you pay the sign, you should receive some sort of chat confirmation, and you'll be registered for the raffle. And on Friday, as close to 9 pm SLT as we can manage, we'll be drawing the winner!

All you have to do then is be there, or wait--if you can't attend the lingerie dance, no worries, someone will contact you within twenty-four hours to tell you you've won!

I'm looking forward to it, though sadly, I'm going to miss the first hour...but I'll be there for as much as I can of the rest!

And in other, totally NSFW question, but...why does this exist?

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