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I had 'em locked away, it seems they've cut their own parole

Seen at the We Heart RP event this August:

Yes. The "Eggscalibur" sword. Let that sink in.

You can buy one of your very own for L$150 during the run of the event. You're...welcome??

A while back, a group of Neverwinter players were talking about the Festival of Sune, and the alarming habit during the Festival for other players to sneak up while we're fighting kobolds, and grab the flowers we're fighting the kobolds for! And, miraculously, we start with a compliment:

[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: came over to pick flowers and saw me there and left em alone - very noble.
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: a rarity
[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: aye
[Zone] Spazblast@glowstikk: You got there first, your flowers
[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: Still not many would have left them
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: I've taken to just killing the kobolds, saves a lot of aggro
[Zone] Mystique@menohave: Fairplay. Good for you!
[Zone] Lexie Bursar@driffic7: silly how game events bring out the bad in people.. as if the 13 seconds it takes to find your own flower is a big deal..

It's true. I've also seen this happen in other games--we go to the thing the quest has told us to find. Someone else comes up and takes the thing before we can. We have to then find another thing. It doesn't matter whether it's a class of specific enemies, a bush, a flower, a stone...a lucky chair in's the same concept, really.

[Zone] Kitari@testbyte: sadly lot dont go by that rule.. it gets tiring as low lvl player that struggles to kill kolbods when see a high lvl come steal ya flowers
[Zone] Lexie Bursar@driffic7: better you try to kite mobs onto folks and grab as they fight the kobolds
[Zone] Chali@Jeviati: Better to not be a dbag

Always true. While yes, it is 'just a game', in the end how we behave in games reflects how we behave in life. If we're kind in life, we're likely kind in games. If we're abusive, mean, or in general jerkish in games, that's a pretty good reflection of our personalities outside of those games.

[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: well that killed the chat
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: I feel like a murderer
[Zone] Sugar Spice@hennas: thank god
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: thank god for what?
[Zone] Chali@Jeviati: Which God?
[Zone] Sugar Spice@hennas: killing the *@!*@@ chat
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: indeed which?
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: Demeter.
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: Why Demeter?
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: Because she'd be appropriate for this festival.

Ooh, semi-relevance! Yay!

[Zone] Jenn Littleknight@EmillyOrr: Well, Sune in Faerun worship is pretty much equivalent to Demeter/Ceres, if that helps.
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: The only common element is all your failed relationships is you.
[Zone] Jenn Littleknight@EmillyOrr: With some Aphrodite and Freya thrown in for good measure.
[Zone] 420 Blaze For life@yumguzzler: my brain hurts
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: It does, Jenn. ;)
[Zone] EVISCERATION@killallchristian: all hail the name 4.20!


[Zone] Arya Stark@qwikshot16nd: actually, sune is more like aphrodite ... goddess of love, beauty, and all of that other nonsense
[Zone] Arya Stark@qwikshot16nd: at least according to the original forgotten realms

Well, true, in that sense, but Sune is an odd combination of Aphrodite and Ceres. Mainly because while those in her service are required to be the most beautiful, the most perfect examples of their races, in addition to being kind, complimentary, and capable of inspiring great joy, her actual Festival is all centered around the first harvest and the bounty of the earth. Great beasts are slaughtered ritually and thrown on fires to cook; ale is made from local grains, mead is made from local honey, cider is made from the apple groves. Adventurers throng to her feasting grounds and eat, dance, and drink in between bouts of harvesting corn, catching chickens and pigs, and picking flowers. (The priestesses hold themselves responsible for making watermelon ices, huge tureens of healing squash soup, and inexplicably, caprese from tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. How did these items get into a fantasy realm? Who knows?)

[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: isn't this festival for Sune?
[Zone] Vucarik@needlessthing: none of those gods would be good for this festival because...they arnt Forgotten Realms Gods...duh :P

Yes, we know.

[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: That's why the word "equivalent" was thrown in, Vucarik.
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: It was a comparison.
[Zone] Oathbound@tzass: Chauntea is the correct one for this festival
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: Was Chauntea killed off, too?
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: Sune might be good for valentine's day
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: if the "midsummer" festival happened in the middle of the summer, it might be better for Sune. Chauntea could have had her harvest festival later.
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: I'm frankly disappointed in the Tyr killing off Helm bit, all because Tymora was flirting.
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Atheists have no concept of Faith other than personal EGO, so they have no capacity to understand God.

...Wait. One of these things is not in line with the others. Where did that come from?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: bigotry against a person's choice in faith is no better than sexual preference, race, etc....

Let's go out on that limb and assume you mean "no better than bigotry against sexual preferences, race, et cetera"...Shall we? I think we rather should.

[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: maybe both atheists and theists are wrong, maybe god is actually satan

That's an incomplete answer that rests on the basic assumption of theism to work.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Bigots ftl.
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: i like the part where god is all "i'm gonna smite everyone, stand back moses" and moses is all "don't tase me bro"
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: A theist's life is fragile; their foundation was based on early indoctrination during childhood.

You'd have a hard time convincing most theists, and a surprising number of atheists, of that theory.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: God isn't some mystical being. he's our loving Father in Heaven. He uses natural laws of cause and effect, to govern the universe.
[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: But if atheists believe in no beleiving....thats means...Chek&Math, atheism?

No. Also, you can't spell.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: A Theist has a solid foundation and an atheist spreads LIES to justify themselves

Also no. That's wrong.

[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: i think both sides are crazy
[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: i think all humans are wrong
[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: about everything

While I don't believe a policy of total doubt is the way to go, a healthy amount of doubt does little harm and more good than complete, mindless faith--or mindless disbelief.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: criticizing others' religions doesn't promote good feelings. I'd just learn to understand and help others understand your side, peacefully.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists who worship belong to groups like witches, dwarves, elves, and orcs; they're all imaginary.

What are you talking about?? Witches aren't imaginary. And I've met more than a few dwarves, and there's a family of gnomes that makes champagne in Spoke.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos trolling bigot filled with keyboard courage lol
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: dwarves are real
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: i would spend more time at church if there were elves there
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: nova - church elves! the story practically writes itself.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Zralein is a guy who ran out of ideas, not being able to get to his dusty bible under his bed and cite bible passages.

Ah, and now we've reached personal insult time.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Thanos is not even an Atheist. His just likes to argue with complete stangers and hide it from his parents

"Strangers". And can we move back to discussion from childish namecalling?

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Thus he resorts to mere offensive language.

Um...where was the offensive language? I didn't see it.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos, troll on with your bigoted hatespeak.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Keyboard courage and lacking integrity kiddies ftl.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Only the close minded people think of my chat as hatespeak. Godly lovy dovys.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos I never made and personal claims as to what I believe, by definition you are spewing libelous hatespeak and bigotry.

Hmm. "Libel". That's iffy, considering unless we save it, chat disappears after we leave the game. Also, libel specifically is intended to apply to things that appear in print; as in newspapers, books, magazines...Our legal system hasn't quite caught up yet with the provisions of the internet.

But I will provisionally agree that it might be closer to libel than to slander. Maybe.

[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Thanos is in love with death.
Well, the comic character Thanos, sure...

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Keyboard courage ftl.
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: Obama wants to make anime illegal.

Where do you people come up with this? No, he doesn't. What on earth?

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Everything you say is a personal claim.

Along with everything you say, yes.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Just IGNORE THANOS. He lives for the arguement
[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: Pfff, ignoring is boring
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: That is so theist of you

You're starting to severely irritate me, Thanos.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: People have a right to choose, while also promoting a standard to help people find a happy medium.
[Zone] Red@windiga: i love people who get personally riled up by other people believing in a religion
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: i love lamp
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: obviously people can choose to be abrasive *)*%$* as well
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Angry theists are they not.
[Zone] Thierry Montebank@jwedge: Things are getting weird again. It's probably a good thing I'm done with this zone for today.

Oh, how often have I said that...

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: THANOS is the Reason IGNORE was created. Goodbye Thanos. We do not have to listen to your childishness
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir:
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: why do we love lamp? Should I love lamp too?
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: That is so theist of
you. Angry theists had to choose to ignore.
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: Lamp provide light. Lamp good.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists cry like babies when their religion is questioned.

Do they really? As a group, always? I doubt it.

[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: Lamp is very good
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: Battlefoot turn into Solomon Grundy for some reason.
[Zone] Red@windiga: do you really love lamp, or are you just saying it
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists, where you at?
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: I really do love lamp! Where would I be without lamp
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: dark

*snerks* So true.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: Thanos, be careful to group people together into one clump. Everyone has their own personal experiences that form their beliefs. Seeking truth, in all its forms, not just intellect.
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: darkness bad. light good.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Yes, I apologize for that.

As well you should.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Well said Arturus Wolveranis
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: thank you.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: But it was fun. They resorted to offensive language.

WHERE?!? Where did they do this? I still don't see it!

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: I just wanted to be proven wrong, that is all.

You can't be proven wrong on a conclusion you'll accept no challenge towards, Thanos.

[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: Filthy nonbeliever
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, in my experiences, I've learned there's more than to our existence than what we can see, hear, etc.

And even if we believe in the pure absolutes of mathematical science, there are things we cannot quantify with precision. Quantum mechanics are throwing scientists internationally into merry loops trying to figure them out. And that's nothing that's connected to religion, the supernatural, the mystical in any way.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos is nothing more than a bigot, plain and simple. Spews hatespeak online via his keyboard courage because he undoubtedly feels powerless in real life.
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: I can agree with that Aruturus. Even if it's a limitation of our brain and not something "Godly".
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: And i've learned that all religion stands on nothing but emotional manipulations and always has
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, that's your opinion / perspective.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, think of God as an advanced civilization that engineered this Solar System. God is a title that he earned.
[Zone] Ki'ana@starhawke55: and a bad one at that
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Matthew 7:6 ftw
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: Zralein, you are a childish and ignorant fool. Look people, this is how a theist behaves. So offensive, so traditional.

I've met many atheists who are easily as dogmatic and offensive.

[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: its the education of anyone that has asked questions, and keeps doing so, not those that simply except extraordinary ideas as real
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: I ignored Zralein long ago. I would suggest the same.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your circular logic is flawed. It's your opinion / perspective, nothing more.

Again, his is as flawed, or as valid, as yours.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Valkyrie, your bigotry is your choice. Nice hypocrisy btw.
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: People who ask other people to ignore others. So childish.

Not necessarily. It can be a tactic used to foment drama, but here I think it's more being offered as advice on how to avoid argumentative types.

[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: religion itself is a circular argument and it is fantasy supported by fantasy, a belief without evidence
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: ADD Krugar to the IGNORE List as well. Goodbye Krugar. Anyone else also have a strong desire to be ignored tonight. All people are entitled to their faith, or even lack of faith, but some just HATE
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: If people just want to argue, then they're not interested in discussion, only their own opinion matters.


[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Well, I don't know if that is true Arturus. I mean to a point, yeah, I agree. But how far do you take it with this God who created the solar system? Sorry if I'm not phrasing it right.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your opinion.
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Like your parents create you - do you treat them as God? or are they lesser than God because they didn't create more. Like what would be the limits to what you would call God?

"Mother is the word for God in the lips and hearts of little children." William Makepeace Thackeray said that, before the Crow film co-opted it (while changing it slightly). It's true in both instances, though. Parents are the first example of higher powers children have. If their parents are good, they grow up with faith in the world. If their parents are bad, they grow up with doubt, fear, and anger.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: KRUGAR is a circular argument. Nighty night...
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: your playing a game with real gods in it, reality on the other hand much more than just 'an opinion' it is the inexorable

That's a very odd statement, Krugar.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your perception of reality does not make it fact.
[Zone] Gurd Upchuck@ariansmith: Another useless God argument
[Zone] Sha@xhrit: everyone is an athiest

Not everyone, Sha.

[Zone] Sha@xhrit: some just believe in fewer gods then others
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Everyone is born an atheist :p
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, we have Godly parents who created our refined spirits. We had to be born into this physical realm in order to further the process of becoming more like our Heavenly Parents.

If you say so.

[Zone] Sha@xhrit: everyone is an athiest, their whole lives

Yeah, again, that's just not a true statement.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Many animals are born blind too, Devolich, that doesn't mean that is who they are forever.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: There's a reason why the family unit is so familiar.
[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42: Believe whatever you want, just don't harm or belittle others who don't share your belief. My personal opinion.
[Zone] Sha@xhrit: unless they believe in every god, then they don't believel in someone's god

"Believe". And wau, you've just lost all ability with critical thought, haven't you?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Tempus, 100% agreed.
[Zone] Jinxy Amerond@Xe_Jinx: how american to ignore instead of disagree
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Intolerance FTL. Silly bigots and their keyboard courage in a game.
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: lol your proving my claims with the ignores btw its the essence of why u still have faith, you refuse new evidence, hence nothing changes, ever, thats not reality
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Interested Arturus. What do you mean by "familiar" in the case of the family unit?
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: I AGREE with TEMPUS :-)

THANK you for TELLING us. Now STOP shouting, THANK you.

[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42: The world would be a better place if people followed that simple guideline
[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42:
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: It's important to realize, that all things testify of God. He gives truth to many people throughout time. Part of the overall picture.

Only if you believe in a higher power. Some don't. And the way you're talking throughout this conversation, only if you believe in that particular higher power. Which some don't.

[Zone] Ki'ana@starhawke55: Satan is also a God and also worshipped. That doesn't make the argument anymore true.
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: How come everytime I come here, it's a ^#!)%^@ religion debate?

Because people are argumentative twitch widgets that can't leave well enough alone?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Ideas? Only idea I have presented is to be more tolerant of diversity and stop with the bigoted statements.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: Lucifer is our brother that didn't get a body nor has a veil of forgetfulness over his mind. He has great knowledge and knows who we are. Jesus is our eldest brother and runs the universe for Father

Uh...what? Clear speaking, please, you're saying...something...and it sounds like cultspeech.

[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: )%(@%$# satanist?
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: Is the religion a choice? Or something given to you by your parents by birth through indoctrination?

...Yes? I mean, in most families, we're raised in the faiths of our family unit. If we grow up in irreligious homes, we're not connected to a faith for the most part. If we're raised in strongly religious homes, we are subsumed into that faith along with mother's milk.

Some families allow choice. Mine did, for instance. (Though that's also one reason why there's no more than three members with any given faith throughout our family, which makes conversation strained at times.)

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Faith is a choice.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: It is a choice.
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: Religion is #!*#@!~%?}+
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: always a choice.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: I have faith but I don't like religion.
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: How come it is a choice?

How come it's not?

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: The War in Heaven was over ideas: Free Agency vs Forcing people to do good.
[Zone] Hea Lannewe@thecraftsmann: did zone chat turn into a theological discussion?
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: yes it did

It always does.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: people when we choose to server Heavenly Father, we give him honor or power. Vice versa for Satan and his hosts.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: serve

Thank you for your correction.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: not a discussion, just people asking trolls to stop with their keyboard courage and bigotry lol

Save, no, it did turn into a theological discussion. But as said, it's either religion, politics, or conversations on stockpiling dead hookers, so...really, it's still just not worth my time, most of the time, even to do chat captures at this point.

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