Sunday, August 9, 2015

then mommy and daddy will probably turn and quickly walk away

[Zone] Demo@demortenes: god*

Gorram it, I just got here. Are we talking religion again??

[Zone] Sargonnas@sliverspark: WEll said, Kai

Depends on what Kai said.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: that epic moment when you relize she was lying about being pregant

So first religion, now pregnant girlfriends...Still confused.

Also, it's "realize", as well as "pregnant".

[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Luna, i dont give a coitus
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Luna, i dont give a coitus
[Zone] Luna@totallyfresh01: the problem is you repeating yourself Rico, cut that $#@% out

I see why that would be annoying; no idea how long it's gone on, though. I'm still playing catch-up, here.

[Zone] Erestar@kiryn010: no clue why they started attacking me. some sort of reputation thing maybe? all I know is they killed me often
Wait, this was out of left field.

[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: you never f*ck with the archers!
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: You probably killed some elf prince

Well, that's never good in a fantasy game. Never kill the elf prince. It won't end well.

[Zone] Avedis@avethisfirst: hi girls

Mu<[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: why only say hi to sexist $!*#^)%


[Zone] Sargonnas@sliverspark: lol
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: ??? ?? ??????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????????
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: so much love
[Zone] Jinx Quickshot@sockmunkey: I didnt think there were any girls on the interwebs


[Zone] Rûn@ksprowl: Vorpal ?[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: girls are a myth

*sighs louder*

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: if it isn't spit it isn't love


[Zone] saad99@saadislam98: Guys
[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: GIRL == Guy In Real Life

Die on fire.

[Zone] Leeloo@monkeybankalt: Pfft, girls don't play games

Die on fire covered in fire ants.

[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: oh girls play games alright
[Zone] Dragana@shadowplax: ofc we do ..
[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: mind games!
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: they do
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: I gotta log off before someone says something stupid about females

You're too late.

[Zone] katieecat@katieecat12: im a girl and I play games.
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: you dont even know
[Zone] Jinx Quickshot@sockmunkey: any girl that says they are a girl isnt a girl at all. of course thats the kind of mind games that girls are good at

Great, now there's no way to win. If we don't tell folks we're female, then we're being mean. If we DO say we're female, we're lying to people. What's the point?

[Zone] Halfpint@bulzeye316: so many whine assses on today
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Jinx Quickshot, u just made up a paradox
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: no, when a girl says they are a girl...they are a girl....Guy In Real Life

Yeah, done with that joke now. So very done.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: girls don't intentionally play mind games.. it's just their brain is incappable of logical linear thought processes
So very nearly done with capturing this chat for posterity.

[Zone] Butterfly Demonbane@Turtlegarden-Whalesong: yyou seem to be full of fertilizer today gents :)
[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: No, when a guy says they're a girl, they're the FBI

Only on certain forum sites.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: Welcome to the internet.. where the men are men, the women are men, and anyone under 18 has a *.gov host mask
[Zone] Liir@sifaa: who gives a %$!! what they are, i assume most players are dude unless they say otherwise
[Zone] Badass Sonofab@fuacccreation: and when your mom says she loves you ... she lies

Cynicism abounds.

[Zone] Nor@Norisman: Hell yea all the women in my life play game, head games, mind games power play games sure they do all women play game lol :P
[Zone] Argoloth@roman1968: i'm a girl.......guy in real life


[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: i assume all players are guys untill there is a skype session to prove otherwise
Sounds awfully judgmental. Or blackmail-y.

[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: yes we know Argo
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: i agree with you Kat
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: thats not sexist lol
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Kat, i dont care ). I'm not even english-speaker natively...
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: its relying on statistics, more men play games than females

If you say so.

[Zone] Leeloo@monkeybankalt: how have I been logged in for 10 minutes, and not had to ignore even a single spammer?
You've had a lovely day, then.

[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: maybe you have successfully ignored them all
[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: i think the devs banned china for a day
[Zone] Argoloth@roman1968: yep, you win 20 internets
[Zone] Sappho@Huddicles: hey, you`re right. none. must be a spammer holy day.
[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: Another gold spammer who whispers people, @bomione777. Ignore them now if you want to avoid the friend request.

Which was somewhat amusing, as earlier in this chat I had ignored a random friend request from bomione777. Guess it was a good thing.

[Zone] Karma@marks87: Since ANGEL OF DEATH make Thief hes always bad now!!...
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: awww
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: so much butthurt i sense
[Zone] ANGEL OF DEATH@godofcws: nice deflect

But you're not challenging the thief accusation? Interesting.

[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: everyone on the internet is a pixelated bot
[Zone] Durzo Blint@graysoncross: *looks to my right at my daughter playing* GOD I HOPE NOT
[Zone] Abriel Angelfyre@deus69xxx: not necessarily, however, they should be considered guyys until proven otherwise.

This "proof" thing I am finding irritating, and suggests a basic contempt for the ability to tell the truth on the internet.

[Zone] Sophie Terra@sinastarfriedric: I thought I could play here, but you're disgusting
Kinda agree, Sophie.

[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: Everyone on the internet is simply training Skynet to become a better killing machine.
[Zone] Crotalidus@nwcsnake: It's true, the place is infested with scumbags

Your name makes that a very true statement...

[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: its ok Sophie Terra just wash when you log out, it will be ok
[Zone] Durzo Blint@graysoncross: all MMOs are invested with scum bags.. u just have to find the not so scummy to associate with

Or just don't read Zone chat.

[Zone] Nor@Norisman: Don't let the trols here in PE zone turn you off of the game, it's only bad here in this zone, gets a lot better the higher level you get closer to lvl60 less and less trols, because the spend so much
[Zone] Luna@totallyfresh01: although praying levels you up whether ya like it or not

Actually, that's been pretty true. There's much less nonsense in the higher zones of the game, because people are busy either discussing what's happening in that zone, or are just not idiots in the first place. Small blessings.

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