Saturday, August 29, 2015

you're right, I'm not from here

So, more today from a freebie and sales group that is steadily becoming infamous for these little drama flares...

[19:44] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (( IF YOU SEE THIS DO NOT CLICK ))...Get 2500L$ Just Pass 1 Survey [non-secondlife-link redacted] Click, Join And Win 2500L$ !.

Really? Really? You thought the best way to protect folks from an obvious phishing link was to repost the phishing link?? Way to help the spammers there, madam, go you.

[19:45] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: lol wtf
[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IT IS A SCAM

No duh it's a scam! It's also now a scam you're contributing to spreading. Aren't you special.

[19:45] Rxxxx Cxxxxxx: Oh dear..
[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have seen it in 2 of my groups

I've seen it in six today, but who's counting? Still beyond dumb to repost the link with no editing of the link itself.

[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in two different names
[19:45] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: today is the attack of the spammers....they are in so many groups today
[19:45] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not wise to paste the link here without breaking it up, so someone doesn't accidentally click it
[19:45] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so you posted it here? well done

Good, so I'm not the only one who thinks that was a brain-dead move.

[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i'm warning all of my groups
[19:46] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please dont

Yeah, really. Please don't do this, because you're just contributing to viral spam. Just point it out if folks ask, otherwise step back, and do not engage. Don't become part of the problem you're trying to solve.

[19:46] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea no need to re-paste the damn thing o.O

My point exactly.

[19:46] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: better to do www . secondlife . com (for example)
[19:46] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm telling them not to click the link before i post it so they will know what it looks like

You can do that without posting the exact link.

[19:46] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: especially as many of us will be in the same damn groups and have already seen it 3 or 4 times
[19:47] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: I think you should just remind people to not click outside links lol
[19:47] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea we get that....still there was no need to put in the all
[19:47] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you all need to calm down and listen
[19:47] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was just trying to help ppl

But in a really, really dumb way. You get that, right? I mean, spamming groups with the phishing links is bad enough, but there's a whole new level in the hyperbolic "PPL R THIEVES ON TEH INTERNET DON'T CLICK TEH THINGS!!1!" screaming. So try to strike a balance. Instead of posting the exact link--thereby exposing more users to risk than you're protecting--say X Resident has been seen posting a link. If the link doesn't look right, don't click it. Or, when you see it pop up, simply say it's a scam, because most people on SL we can at least assume are 18, if not older. Old enough, anyway, not to fall for phishing scams.

[19:48] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: (wait for it)
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: by telling them like I have seen others do in the past
[19:48] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: and....we are just telling you how to go about helping ppl
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah but very rude

How was she rude? She said don't post the original link because it's a bad idea. In fact, this is exactly what she said:
[19:45] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not wise to paste the link here without breaking it up, so someone doesn't accidentally click it
How is that rude?

[19:48] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: also...we are all very calm.
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yoy don't have to be rude about it
[19:49] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you know what good bye
[19:49] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: Please adhere to group rules.
[19:49] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: and... flounce o.O

The flounce is always expected.

[19:49] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not rude, i said 'please dont' and didnt shout once
[19:50] Dxxx Hxxxx: well that was lovely
[19:50] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx passes out pillows. Please place that between your head and the wall.

Ah, thank you, that's very helpful for those of us deeply needing to bash our heads against a solid surface.

[19:50] txxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: :/ lol
[19:51] yxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cup of tea?
[19:51] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: haha
[19:51] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think you can warn people w/o posting the actual link, there are people in this group who don't read English and may just click the link. But appreciate the fact you want to protect people
[19:55] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you Zim for explaining that to me politely
[19:56] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and not jumping all over me for trying to help
[19:56] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now i know to post it w/o the link

You should have known that before, when Ms. I posted her (non-rude, non-aggressive) reply. Ms. Z basically said the same thing, only added that she appreciated your efforts. So, a little bit of flattery is all that it takes to make you charming? Remind me not to interact with you in future.

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