Friday, August 21, 2015

save me from here

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: especially since you're probably not big enough to actually penetrate her

Wait, what?? There I was, just standing at the temple, sorting through crafting options. I'd just logged in. What on all of Faerûn was going on in Zone chat now?!?

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: is her vag some kind of ocean?
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: o.O

*cue very slow blink*

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: if yes, then i admit i am not big enough.
[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: no, but it's protected by about 3 feet of thigh fat
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: i am.

Brag much?

[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: check my name.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: i'm big enough for anything.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: -.- shoo.


[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: Anyone wants to feel the wrath of my demon boner ?


[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: so if you have a 38 inch (%(!) i congradulate you on it, as well as your secondary circulatory system
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: why thank you.
[Zone] Fen'Harel@reinardd: What a nice conversation you've got here.

Yes. Can it stop soon?

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: and I feel sorry that you have to play along with my sarcasm to compensate for the tiny #^*! you have in reality
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: hahah. i know right.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: pwned.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: it's so small
[Zone] Alana Moonshade@lauren0201: i congratulate whatever woman managed to have it and not die XD
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: ok that made my day. person's happy. Yay?

[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: and someone else's.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: do you people believe in Jesus?

WHY?!?!?!?! Why does it ALWAYS go to sex or religion?!?!?

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: OMG
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: SHUUU!

Yes! Shoo! Now! Run off somewhere else!

[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: silence has a lot going for it
[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: Actually yes
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: Jesus loves you all.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: Omfg.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: carry him within your hearts.

Says the man with the self-named "demon boner".

[Zone] Fen'Harel@reinardd: It's a weird thing when 38 inch @!))# makes your day. I feel violated.
[Zone] Laeral Astram@tang56: Is Jesus some kind of hemerroid cream?


[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: No, Jesus only loves me.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: Kay? Jesus is ma' best friend.
[Zone] Brizae Huniryn@maxbergen24: he would have to know jesus to have a 38incher
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: how about Jesus is a 38incher himself?

So, from 'Y'all need Jesus' to 'Jesus is a dildo' in under five minutes. Wau. That's very nearly impressive.

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: I actually know a girl who took 48" of hose up her $!! on a dare
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: SHUUUUUUUUUUU
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: WAIT WUT.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: wat.

That was my question, yes.

[Zone] Astrid Turaud@solanea: grrrrrrrrrrrr... why does camera shake keep turning itself back on??
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: cus you've been visited by Jesus
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: the camera is fapping.
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: time to leave==

Betty is very wise. I fled back to SL, where at least I can cope with the range of sexual deviance most of the time.

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