Friday, April 24, 2015

through the broken glass and the morning light

There are so many entries I've saved to work on, so many things I want to talk about, but...there's something more important.

From Mr. Icterus Dagger:
As I am so disconnected with SL these days, and Caledon even moreso, I didn't know who else to contact. Miss Soliel Snook (a.k.a. Janet Wright) passed away early this morning, at home, after fighting cancer for the past year. Here is her daughter Happi's post (in part) from Facebook this morning:
"It's with a broken heart that I have to report that my mum, Janet Wright, passed away at 2:20am this morning. She died with both Bruce and I at either side; make further more comfortable from her meds supplied by the incredible team at Suncoast Hospice. However, it was so fast and started right after the night nurse had finished her checks and left. I immediately called Bruce as she asked; so it was just she, Bruce & I. Followed by a very protective Teddy steadfastly glued to her lap and who is, as most of you know, her beloved dog. Her cat Milo also sang her specifically a "song" of his people (as he often does at 3am) right after she left us..."
No funeral is planned, as far as I know, but Janet wanted a simple cremation and a "Quaker Irish" wake at the St. Petersburg, FL Quaker meetinghouse. Details, as you can imagine, are "TBD."

Janet was undergoing experimental treatment for an aggressive cancer (as chemo and other "traditional" methods were not successful). Although we all (her friends) knew her prognosis was very poor, everything happened so quickly this week.

Miss Snook was such an important part of the life and culture of Caledon and related lands, as well as serving up music and fun with Radio Riel. Please pass along this information to Caledon and such, if you please.
And this from Duchess Gabrielle Riel:
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Radio Riel Presenter, current St John resident and former Caledon resident Soliel Snook passed away last night. I (Gabrielle Riel) am planning to hold a multi-hour-time-zone memorial service for her on May 12. Details to come. I need time to work though my grief, thus the memorial being scheduled a few weeks out. Soliel was one of my dearest friends in both lives. Things will never be the same without her.
Another shining light departs from Caledon, and while I wasn't as close as many of her stronger friends, I remember her with great fondness, and accept this news with great sorrow. My deepest sympathies go to her close friends and her family in their time of grief.

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