Saturday, April 4, 2015

more than rivers, snakes or wind

[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: done ^_^ WOOH now im outa here!!!
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: CONGRATS
[Zone] Sett@settko: You'll be back... they ALWAYS come back...
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: omg all that work for lame looking outfit? lame sauce lame sauce!!!!!
[Zone] Sett@settko: paint it :)
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: oh i will lol

The Summer Festival, the Festival of Sune in Neverwinter. To get special festival gear, one "adventures" by slaying marauding trolls who want barbecue, slaying kobolds who want to eat flowers to get high, catching pigs and chickens for farmers, harvesting those self-same intoxicating blooms in great numbers, throwing water balloons at other participants, and harvesting corn. Doing all these things will eventually give you enough flowers (or flower petals) to get weapon and clothing transforms, most of which are adorned with those very flowers that too so much time to harvest in the first place!

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And it's alalllllllla yourse! [Zone] Sett@settko: Liira's dye gives orange pants

Actually, no. The Masquerade dyes, sold during October, dye in orange and black/deep brown hues. Lliira's festival dye does shades of gold, red and blue.

[Zone] Sett@settko: Tribal Dye gives a nice reddish color, pretty stylish but not enough screaming for me [Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: no matter what color you make this outfit it still looks fugly this was a waste of half a day [headache smiley]
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I love the TR dyeset myself.

To each their own--the Trickster Rogue dyeset gives shades of black and muted brown. I guess it's good if you want to blend into the shadows...

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Drizzt, did you not peek around before your start of day?
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Did you not notice the Elvises and Flower Gals?

I...think you mean Elves??

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I know that ... you know, SOME other people may have been playing with the outfit on.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: It's a nice outfit, to me.
[Zone] Sett@settko: To be honest, Yina Moradi's frontal appearance does divert the eyes from most things in here.

True enough.

[Zone] Autumnal Ember@wolffuzz: Why do they tell us when someone gets something awesome?
[Zone] Valna Gentleharp@TacticalGnat: so that you want to buy the keys
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: to make you want to buy keys

Pretty much that, yeah. It's supposed to be encouraging. Most of us just ignore the announcements now, though.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And Rio is totally a girl.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: She isn't the kind to send pics of her chest to prove it though.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: girls can be agents of the capitalist class too
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: People who ask for pics of chests can go "find themselves" lol

Thanks for the info??

[Zone] Zheyk'ari@eisrabe1902: must i be interrupted at every turn?!

I don't know, do you want to be?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: you know i'm not sure where the unemployed fit into marxist labor dynamics
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: i'll have to brush up on my reading
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: they would all have jobs created
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: for them

Well, that's one theory...

[Zone] Brutæ@culhwych143: turn them into soylent green to feed the productive class

That's another theory.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: You are NOT mulching my husband to feed the rich.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: no actually i mean where they fit into the capitalist structure as described by marx
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: it's been a while. i'm under-read.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I believe he did not think that there WOULD be the downtrodden any longer.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: To each according to his need, and everyone working according to their ability.
[Zone] Richardine@richardine: That works in small populations.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: He was an idealist,
n'est pas?

Oh, absolutely. Though he had some interesting ideas.

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Again, not really talking about the conception of a communist society
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: they said those wanting free public schools were idealists too I suppose?
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: History has shown that Marx was wrong about the inevitability of a collectivist revolution
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: the more interesting part of his work imo is the analysis of capitalism as a power structure
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: he could never have predicted the rise of twerking
[Zone] Th'yia Moonshadow@FlyingAce: ugh

Seriously. A highly thoughtful topic comes up in Zone chat, and someone mentions twerking? Really?

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: politcal ideologies in the morning? you boys serve a heavy breakfast. [confusedface]
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: you had to say the T word

Ack. Yes, let's all move on, please.

[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: Einstein did
[Zone] Llorandriel Skysong@elronhalberd: Einstein twerked?
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He predicted it
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He said that the only things that were infinite were the Universe and human stupidity
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: And he wasn't sure about the Universe
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Maybe but I always hate it when nerds try to pull the "lol people are stupid" card
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: People ARE stupid

Yes. But what's your point?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: It just feels so... elitist.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Yes, exactly.

It can be both.

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: so.... who likes to see nekid gerls?

Really? First twerking, now 'u gots porns?'

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Nekkid gals do nuffin for me.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I like the manz
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: who likes to see nekid boyz?
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: we can't be sexists now
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: personally i always found naked adult humans sexually attractive in general
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: within reason, of course
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: I think that is a human animal condition.

Also likely true.

And then conversation trailed off, so...I have no clue if anything got resolved.

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