Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wake, baby, wake but leave that blanket around you

This always unnerves me:

[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi
[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining group here
[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please
[08:27 PM] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you're already a member of the group, hun.

Because you can't post to this group if you're not already in it. You can't post to any group in Second Life unless you're registered as a member, in fact. That's how groups work.

[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining this group
[08:27 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What group are you trying to join
[08:28 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are a member already, otherwise you couldn't post here

Exactly. What are we teaching new residents these days? Are we teaching them anything, other than "here's Second Life, have fun!" *throws into deepest part of the lake*

[08:28 PM] Callie [CallieMajestic Resident]: o.O
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry :P
[08:28 PM] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)

By the way--not that it matters, I suppose--Ms. V (the original poster) is sixteen days old; Ms. F, one of the residents trying to offer help, was decanted back in January.

But that's not what I want to talk about. We're at Fantasy Faire! Through the gracious offer of De Baza Designs, we have booth space in Tangleshimmer Grove.

You can see the two RFL-specific horns on the official site, and see you at the Faire!

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