Friday, October 4, 2013

you're a little bit damaged, I'm a sucker for that

From an anonymous spammer on a very old entry on the blog:
At the least 8-10 candidates were killed from the function-about the political election, and there are others acquired every day loss of life dangers.

Comply with a comfortable diet program that consist even more of proteins and dietary fibre and fewer acrylic, carbohydrates and starchy foods.

The spanish language is usually a gorgeous language to equally converse and take note of and is particularly viewed as by a lot of to get one of the easier dialects to find out.

part similar to the point here [link redacted]
Well. These are surely words of wisdom. I know I will particularly heed the instruction to get less acrylic in my diet. Because I'm sure that's very important.

This next one's a bit more gruesome, but it is that time of year--an urban explorer has discovered the decaying remains of a former veterinary school in Brussels, with what looks like dozens, if not hundreds, of teaching samples simply left behind to rot. The pictures are fascinating but two questions keep springing to mind:
  1. Why were all the samples left behind? And
  2. Why were most of the samples left uncovered?
I can't figure those two things out, and it bothers me.

Moving to the lands of cute things, how about Hello Kitty eyewear? And by 'eyewear', I mean costume contact lenses.

They seem to be simply tinted violet along the outer ring--where the Hello Kitty heads are printed--so the base color of the eye shines through, walk around with teensy little kawaii kittens on your eyes, do you really care?

And this may be the cutest thing that ever cuted this week. An anime Japanese spirit dances with the animated shoes of Gene Kelly, before he takes her to a showing of Singing in the Rain. It's touching, beautiful, and--as stated--very, very cute.

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