Monday, October 7, 2013

come inside, the show's about to start, guaranteed to blow your head apart

Keloid. Look into it. To say anything, I think, will take away from the impact of the short film, but I will say this: if you are unnerved by mannequins, you might not want to see it. (But if you like big faceless mechs, you definitely need to.)

Meanwhile, from before the last Twisted hunt ended...

[19:06] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: In store number three been looking for hours is there another hint?
[19:07] Axxxxx Bxxxxxxx: There is only one official hint. That cube and the hint that goes with it also changes frequently.
[19:09] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: tp me if you want help

So far, so good. Mr. axxxxxxx wanted more help; Ms. Rxxxxxx wanted to help him. Seems innocuous enough.

[19:12] Lokii Violet: Pro tip - escorting people directly to the box will make me move it really fucking fast.
[19:12] Lokii Violet: I suggest not doing it that way. Carry on.

Warnings for language from here on out; I'm leaving her name because it was her store, but also, Lokii Violet is the store owner of Malfean Visions, the two mentioned above were in Malfean Visions, and Lokii was watching them. These are important things to remember.

[19:12] Cxxxxxx Mxxx: o.O
[19:12] Emilly Orr: Plzplzplz don't make her move it, it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find the second time!!!

I mentioned that only because some store owners, as the hunt wore on, had the habit of adding new things to the box. I didn't know if Lokii had plans to do that, and I'd already picked the wrong box up once, thinking it was the only one I needed to find.

[19:13] Pxxx Oxxxxxxx: What store is talking about moving things? xD
[19:13] Lokii Violet: #3.
[19:13] Wxxxx Sxxxxx: Oh yes please, give Lokii a reason to move the box. Please. I wanna see what she does next 'cause she's a freakin' genius at hiding it :D

There were a few changes this year from previous years. First, this was the tenth anniversary hunt, so folks tried to go all out. But second, this was the tenth anniversary hunt, and merchants this year were tired of babysitting anyone who'd been on previous hunts.

So in a few stores, people (and by "people", I mean "store owners") were armed. And they shot people being dumb in their store. And by "dumb", I generally mean really dumb--standing at the port-in point after being warned in local chat and IM; telling people where the boxes were in local chat; hassling other hunt participants--that level of dumb.

Very, very few people in the hunt group protested this, by the way. Except...the really dumb ones who got shot.

[19:13] Lokii Violet: (And yes I'm watching. I suggest not doing it.)
[19:13] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: You grumpy yet, Lokii?
[19:13] Emilly Orr: And for the folks *IN* Malfean Visions, if you're the one she's talking to, please stop being dumb. Thank you, the rest of us.
[19:14] Cxxxxxx Mxxx: Lokii will you be kind enough to share the name with other store owners?
[19:14] jxxxx Wxxx: yes please Lokii please share
[19:14] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Sharing the names of stupid people?
[19:14] Lokii Violet: Too late.

And there it was. Around 19:10 Mr. axxxxxxx and Ms. Rxxxxxx were both in the shop; only four minutes later Lokii had had enough and picked up the box to hide it again.

Lokii is not a perfect being--which of us is? But to irritate someone enough to make her physically pick up a hunt item to hide it again...during a high-traffic hunt...that takes special, extra-stupid skills.

[19:14] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: I'm sure she'll share it with the merchants in the hunt.
[19:14] Lokii Violet: Warned you.
[19:14] Lokii Violet: It gets moved now.
[19:14] pxxx Oxxxxxxx: Does that mean it's been moved?
[19:15] Exxxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Lokii, Are you yelling at them in chat too?
[19:15] Emilly Orr: DAMN it!
[19:15] Cxxxxxx Mxxx: means it is getting moved
[19:15] Emilly Orr: Stupid, stupid hunters, not playing by the rules...
[19:15] Lokii Violet: Nope. Taking my time relocating it.
[19:16] Pimm (pimm.olivieri): Does that mean it's not on the map anymore?


[19:16] Lokii Violet: means I'm moving the *box*
[19:16] Emilly Orr: Nope. "it is getting moved" means she picked it up and is wandering around looking for a better spot.
[19:16] Axxxxx Bxxxxxxx: Beginners Hunt tip: If you do anything that someone might consider cheating, do not announce doing so in local or in group chat.
[19:16] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: theres a shooter at gwen
[19:17] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: flagship store

Let me make note of this, again--Ms. Rxxxxxx was obviously following chat; had obviously picked up the part about Lokii moving the box; and then had the temerity to complain that Ms. Mxxxxx, a store employee who was armed by will and fiat of the store owner, was shooting infractors. This is getting pretty high up in the stupidsphere.

[19:17] Cxxxxxx Mxxx: Lokii when you have a moment please toss me the name of said person?
[19:17] Lokii Violet: I don't have the time. K? Busy.

Also, if Ms. Mxxx had been reading along in the chat as well, both participants in this ill-advised escapade were mentioned, several times.

[19:17] Rxxxx Ixxxxxx: uh oh who pissed Lokii off?
[19:17] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some idiot
[19:17] Emilly Orr: Also angry. Also understandably.
[19:17] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: Like I said, I'm sure she'll share it with MERCHANTS WHO ARE IN THE HUNT
[19:17] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: And [Exxxxxxx], I shot you just cause 

Also important to note: Mr. Dxxxxxxx, mentioned above, is a friend of both Ms. Mxxxxx and Lokii Violet. Moreover, he's used to getting shot in the store. However, this was also mentioned openly in chat, so again: Ms. Rxxxxxx was reading chat; she was in the store under discussion; and she now knew (if she didn't before) who was firing. Nothing's being hidden here.

[19:18] Nxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Alright you pissed Lokii the god of mischief off? Did we not watch The Avengers? LOL
[19:18] Axxxxx Bxxxxxxx: Beginners Hunt Hint # 2: Merchants reserve the right to eject, ban and shoot people they consider to be cheating or rude.

Also true. It's in the rules.

[19:18] Sxxxxx Zxxxxx: Why is it that this year is horrible for people and the hunt?
[19:18] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i was helping a man didnt say a word
[19:19] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: he asked for help in chat
[19:19] Lokii Violet: That doesn't mean walk right to the bloody box and into the wall where it was perched at.

It's a good point.

[19:19] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i was standing still is all
[19:19] Lokii Violet: ...directly under it.
[19:20] Sxxxxx Zxxxxx: Thats pretty much rude...
[19:20] Emilly Orr: Yeah, [dxxxx], that'd get you banned, blocked, or shot.
[19:20] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: yes so he could find he said he was ther for hours
[19:20] Rxxxx SMxxxxx: Look. Lemme be perfectly blunt. You're being a cunt and eliminating the need to HUNT FOR A FUCKING ITEM. Enjoy your bullet sammiches.
[19:20] Emilly Orr: That's what IMs are for, [dxxxx].
[19:20] Oxxxx Txxxxx: Also, it's a Bad Move to brag about derendering in local, in Twisted chat, and to Twisted Assistants in IM.
[19:20] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i was in im
[19:21] Cxxxxxx Mxxx: *facepalms*

Yeah, really. Ms. Rxxxxxx just didn't seem to get it, at all. It wasn't just misunderstanding of the basic problem; it was like she was deliberately denying she did anything wrong even with visual sightings of her and her actions to back the store owners (and employees) up.

[19:21] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i dont know i didnt do anything wrong i grabbed the box
[19:21] Wxxxx Sxxxxx just joins Cxxxxxx in facepalming
[19:21] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: stood there thats all
[19:21] Oxxxx Txxxxx: If you're going to park idle, don't do it in front of the target.
[19:21] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i was there for less then a min sorry it bothered you
[19:21] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: ask the man
[19:21] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: [axxxxxxx]

Cue greater facepalming. So: not only was Ms. Rxxxxxx standing directly under the hunt item (presumedly, so Mr. axxxxxxx could manage to find it), but also, she was openly talking about how difficult it was and how she had to derender things to find it to a store employee in IM?!?

This isn't just stupidity, it might actually be organic damage.

[19:21] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: btw.. I'm the shooter. :3

Again: asked and identified. How Ms. Rxxxxxx continued not to know who banned her and shot her "friend" is beyond me.

Five minutes later...

[19:26] Lokii Violet: Relocated. Hidden. Hint updated. *throws fingers, goes back to her movie*
[19:26] Emilly Orr: That took less time to hide than the last time this happened. Should we be worried? [19:26] Lokii Violet: Yes. You should.

And as it turned out, we were right to be. (Though that has nothing to do with this escapade.)

[19:26] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx:
19:25] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i didnt do anything wrong rydia ..i had finished the hunt and was just helping a man who was there for your perogative to ban me ...i dont cheat..i dont have huds ...anyway goodluck to you
[19:25] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: You're an idiot. You took someone RIGHT TO THE BOX. That is cheating. But you go on with your delusional self!
[19:26] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: sighs whatever
[19:26] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: take a pill
[19:26] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: relax its sl
[19:26] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: And you're a douche 8D
[19:26] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: i have purchased at your store you lost a costomer
[19:26] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: aww muffin
[19:27] Sxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: And now she breaks the TOS. Real piece of work, this one.
[19:27] Lokii-ikthya (lokii.violet): ...well, I wasn't going to ban, now I am.
[19:27] Lokii-ikthya (lokii.violet): Real smart there muffin.
[19:27] Emilly Orr: Y'know, every time someone says "Relax it's just SL", I lower them several points on the intelligence scale.
[19:27] Mal Martynov: good job daisy, posting ims within sl are against the ToS

Seriously, who doesn't know this by now?

[19:28] Oxxxx Txxxxx: Moo's guide to surviving MV:
1) Move away from the landing point.2) Actually hunt (or shop)3) do NOT tell locations here, or in local. (What you do in IM or on Skype is your business)4) Do not stare/idle at the right cube(s)5) Do not tp or walk folks right to it either6) Or simply: Don't be a stupid git.
Pretty much. And, for the record, those are good rules for any hunt, not just Twisted.

[19:28] Rxxxx Mxxxxx boops and nuzzles Moo
[19:28] Emilly Orr: Yeah, there's a lot of Wheaton's Law in Twisted hunting.
[[19:28] Oxxxx Txxxxx moos.

Upshot of all this is: don't be a jerk while hunting, because bad things can and will happen. Some of the Twisted shop owners go armed, and know how to fire. Others simply ban, either temporarily, or permanently. Mr. Demain from FallnAngel Designs, during his hunts, has been known not only to ban people who pull stupid things on hunts, but now puts out a detailed set of rules to follow--which, if not followed to the letter, can and has resulted in him moving all the hunt objects, which is beyond annoying for the rest of us.

I'll leave you with Wheaton himself explaining the origin's of Wheaton's Law. And as he said, as a legacy, it's not a bad one. And more people on SL need to follow it.

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