Sunday, October 27, 2013

now I'm rotting to the bone, but my heart's still beating

Nuclear fusion in our lifetime? Maybe. It wasn't a sustained reaction, but it was an observable one. It's quite exciting.

Also, did you know there are folks attempting to build the Enterprise? So where's the IP rights argument in that? I mean, if they build a physical object that's (loosely) based on a Paramount property, obviously it's not going to be used for copyright infringement for another series, but for space travel. Still, it's interesting that they're openly using the design, and calling it the Enterprise.

So, several weeks ago, I had several ideas for blog posts, including several haunted house posts from folks in the community I've covered before.

(from the haunts album; am I in the right place?)

...Obviously, that didn't happen. For a multitude of reasons which I won't go into, however...I stand in Raglan Shire now, waiting for the stairs to rez in.

Well, technically, I don't need them,'s the principle of the thing.

(from the haunts album; I'm still not sure this is the right place...)

I guess they're not coming. Bother. And it's raining out. So I'm going in.

(from the haunts album; two translucent twin Tinies. Uh...hello, there.)

It occurs to me, this may not be the Tiny Ride of Terror. This may simply be a Tiny haunted house...

(from the haunts album; that is one terrifying baby doll.)

Looks like someone's been on the Twisted hunt...

(from the haunts album; okay, we're fine, we'll just carefully walk by the little voudou dolls...)

Eeek! Surrounded by Tiny little dolls!

I must run to the next room!

(from the haunts album; ow. OW ow ow ow. OW.)

Oh, good, I've found the kitch--OW!

(from the haunts album. Great, well-fed rats.)

Oh, joy. They have rats. Well, at least he has a nibble.

(from the haunts album. Great, well-fed rats.)

Nothing in the fridge worth the risk, and the chef seems...iffy. Onward!

Or...not, because at this point, I completely lagged out, and my little behatted bunny could not, at all, move to any other rooms.

There is an upstairs and a downstairs; with any luck, I'll be able to check it out again before it closes, but I still don't know if I was in the right place! Bother!

(Also, just as an aside, mid-way through the matting portion of this entry, Gimp decided nothing needed to be transparent, whether I saved as a .jpg or as a .png. So...sorry? Because if I wait to see if I can fix it, it's going to be November before this is posted, and I have more haunts to cover! Augh!)

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