Tuesday, October 29, 2013

spooky scary skeletons

Spell Block Tango, anyone? Watch it. It's awesome.

So, I got a better landmark, and I guess the big spooky mansion is the Tiny Ride of Terror this year. I just...as yet...see no ride.
(from the haunts album; I get stairs this trip!)

But look! Stairs! Whee!
(from the haunts album; teeny tiny haunted outfits)

And upstairs...oh. Just vendors. Don't get me wrong, innovative Tiny wear for very reasonable prices? Always a good thing! But there must be more to this...
(from the haunts album; why does this keep happening?)

Eep! Blood from the walls is NEVER a good thing!
(from the haunts album; home medical lab? Ew.)

Why is it always medical labs??
(from the haunts album; the haunted theatre.)

And also upstairs, they have a full haunted theatre!
(from the haunts album; the haunted basement.)

Finally, I felt I'd explored everything, no sign of a Tiny ride anywhere to be found...so I turned to the basement. On my first trip through, there was some sort of event either in the basement, or near the house, and I couldn't move for the lag. On my second trip, I made it upstairs, and then crashed. On this trip, I made it to the basement...and was frozen in place for forty minutes while my browser pondered whether or not it was going to crash.
(from the haunts album; the haunted basement.)

I'm going to say the problem well could have been me, and my 130,000+ level of inventory, but on the other hand...Raglan Shire has nearly eight thousand active scripts, so that may share some wee part of the blame.
(from the haunts album; the haunted basement.)

So is it worth going? Well, there's a good level of innovation, and L$75 Tiny costumes cannot be passed up, but...it's no Tiny Ride of Terror, that's for sure. Which is sad; I wanted to check that out this year. Guess they went in a different direction.

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