Saturday, November 3, 2012

plan your attack, yeah, I'm still waiting

[22:05] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Things you discover when highlighting transparencies at a combat sim:
[22:05] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: [22:01] Friend: oh my god.
[22:01] Friend: um
[22:01] Friend: highlight transparent
[22:02] Friend: and look at [exxx].
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: LOL
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: please
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: please
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Go tell her something
[22:02] Friend: i did.
[22:02] Friend: did you fucking see it?
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: like "Half the scripts are probably in your dick."
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Nope
[22:02] Friend: not a penis.
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Dildo
[22:02] Friend: it's a pregnancy attachment
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: ?
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: LOL
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: EW
[22:02] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: FUCKING A
[22:02] Friend: so there's a transparent set of babies coming out of her vagina

Why? That's my only question? Why? Why would anyone want this??

[22:03] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: HAHAHAHA
[22:06] Sxxxxx Bxxx: hahahahahaha
[22:06] Axx Txxxxx: LOL
[22:06] Emilly Orr blinkblinks
[22:06] Emilly Orr: I think I've offically heard everything now. WTF.
[22:06] Emilly Orr: My brain is going, why would you even WANT a stream of babies...
[22:06] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Because they make you feel MOTHERLY
[22:07] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: obviously
[22:07] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: Apparently they were also 160 scripts
[22:07] Emilly Orr facepalms

"Motherly". Seriously. And they're scripted, which means she's carting around individually posed and primmed babies around in front of her. For...reasons.

Reasons I can't, obviously, find a way to comprehend.

[22:07] Axx Txxxxx: i'm pretty sure there's a pic of that on the What the Fug flickr group.
[22:07] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: I feel like I've seen it there before too
[22:07] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: first time seeing it in person, though!
[22:08] Axx Txxxxx: XD
[22:09] Axx Txxxxx: Emilly, I think the stream of babies is the different baby positions from the womb to birth.
[22:10] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: I think that may've just given me the hiccups
[22:12] Axx Txxxxx: here! i found it!
[22:15] Emilly Orr: I...don' brain has a fail.
[22:15] Axx Txxxxx: *patspats*

But that wasn't bad enough. A few days later:

[20:01] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: ...I am at doomedship, and there is a toddler neko here.
[20:01] Emilly Orr facepalms
[20:01] Emilly Orr: Why? For the love of all gods, why?

(from the bizarre album; toddler on Doomed)

PEOPLE. SERIOUSLY, now. WTF is the draw to go traipsing about Doomed as a CHILD?!? I mean, I have enough problems with credulity to accept someone that looks like a teenager, but THIS?!? This toddler with a pacifier in sock feet?!?

[20:04] Axx Txxxxx: what is it doing now?
[20:04] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: I think it may have TPed out, but I'm -not- sure.
[20:05] Cxxxx Nxxxxxxx: I went back to buy the cam hud and it's no longer here.
[20:07] Emilly Orr: Or it got bounced.

See, here's the thing. Granted, now that the designer behind Doomed wants to take it into wider roleplay, the Adult poses are slowly disappearing from the winding chambers and substructures that make up the ship. So it's very much a structure in transition, and I do understand that--there's going to be a mix of old and new players, there will be clashes, likely drama, mayhap controversy. Obviously, there are going to be players who want to keep the Adult content, arguing with those who don't want it on the ship. It's going to become a heated debate.

But there is a line, and I feel this is one that is drawn quite decisively--the Doomed ship is not a childrens' playspace! Grow the hell up and GET OFF THE DAMNED SHIP!

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