Monday, February 14, 2011

you're my fish-frog sweetheart

The things one finds when wandering idly on the internet occasionally boggle the mind. (There's nothing NSFW in that page, but some of the links it has *might* be beyond the pale; I wouldn't know, I haven't investigated further.)

I don't, as a rule, wear earrings (mostly because I rarely have side-by-side ears, and it's hard to find earrings that I *want* to pierce furry ears for), but Calamity Hathaway's zebra wood hoops may make me change my mind:

From Picasa

They come in six color options, all shown on the larger version, for L$50 per pair.

And if anyone wants a set of Arabian lanterns, you could go look at Xen Build's offerings:

From Picasa

They have a nicely turned out four-pack in seven colors (for L$100 each), or purely pierced-metal Moorish/Turkish lantern options (L$75 for the single), plus a table-bound variety (L$120, which comes with three sizes of lantern, plus a cute little wooden side table). Nice.

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