Monday, February 21, 2011

I don't believe in miracles anymore

Some days in the land office are weirder than others. Case in point:

[17:09] rochellerwar: hello
[17:09] Emilly Orr: Hello!
[17:09] Emilly Orr: If you have land questions, just ask!
[17:09] rochellerwar: do u kknow how i can become a vampire?

From Solace Beach

This is not the typical question I get in the land office. I've been flirted with, I've been asked how much I charge, I've been asked for kisses, I've been told I need to go to whatever club or whatever sim to 'have fun'...This is not the typical thing I deal with on a day to day basis.

[17:09] Emilly Orr blinks
[17:10] Emilly Orr: Okay, first off, do you mean vampire, vampire, or idiot spampire?
[17:10] rochellerwar: no a vampire
[17:10] Emilly Orr: Well, I mean, are you looking for Bloodlines, or solid houses?
[17:11] Emilly Orr: My best recommendation would be to track down the Transylvania grid, honestly
[17:11] Emilly Orr: And talk to people.
[17:11] rochellerwar: no i just want to know how i can become a vampire

I don't know why I didn't just send her to an RP sim and say "Here. Buy some fangs, get some leather, play with the concept. Look for skins with wasted eyes. Get a pair of glowing red or yellow prim eyes. Have fun with it."

From Solace Beach

I think because she was so earnest that it was something you have to become over something you simply are...or can be...You know? Also, it took me ten full minutes of staring at her to figure out she'd put on two different hairs. I literally had no idea what to say.

[17:11] Emilly Orr: You are asking SL, right?
[17:11] rochellerwar: yes'
[17:11] Emilly Orr: Just checking.

Hey, I think it's a fair question.

[17:11] rochellerwar: ok r u a vampire on sl?
[17:12] Emilly Orr: On occasion.
[17:12] Emilly Orr: Mostly, I'm a shapeshifter.
[17:12] rochellerwar: thats really cool
[17:13] rochellerwar: is shapeshifter as cool as a vampire?

I have no idea how to answer that question, still. I'm still not entirely sure how she's asking these things. It seemed like this was far more rp-based, not just someone saying "So, who makes cool vamp skins? Where are good places to go?"

She then nipped off, and I dealt with some other land questions, and then--poof--she returned.

[17:19] rochellerwar: there was no one there
[17:19] Emilly Orr: No one where?
[17:19] rochellerwar: in trynslvanya i think i spelt that wrong
[17:20] Emilly Orr: Transylvania:
[17:21] rochellerwar: ya no one was there

From Solace Beach

Well, there's not always, but I'm still wondering where she went. Because when I pulled up the sim, there were thirteen people, most of them solidly at The Wall, as expected.

[17:22] Emilly Orr: There's also the City of Lost Angels but I believe that's now Adult land, so if you're not age-verified, you may not be able to get there.
[17:23] rochellerwar: ya im not how do i age verify?
[17:24] Emilly Orr: Usually, just go to the website and follow their instructions
[17:24] Emilly Orr: Let me see if I can track down the actual page
[17:24] rochellerwar: ok
[17:25] Emilly Orr: Okay, go here: and log in with your SL account name and password. Look on the right side under My Account, or Account--one of those. There'll be a listing for Age Verification.
[17:25] rochellerwar: cool thnx
[17:26] Emilly Orr: Sure!

And that was that...I thought.

[17:52] jennybergamo Alecto: si io son licantropa
[17:52] jennybergamo Alecto: I am a werewolf is
[17:52] Emilly Orr: Okay

A self-translating Italian werewolf, at that.

[17:52] jennybergamo Alecto: e cercavo land licantrope
[17:52] jennybergamo Alecto: looking for land and werewolves
[17:53] Emilly Orr: Well, we don't have any *specifically* were land, but are you saying, look for more woodlands than beachfront parcels?
[17:53] jennybergamo Alecto:
no io cerco lupi
[17:53] jennybergamo Alecto: I seek no wolves
[17:54] jennybergamo Alecto:
[17:54] jennybergamo Alecto: werewolves

So...either she wants other weres, which I can't guarantee, or she wants no other weres...which, frankly, I still can't guarantee. The hell?

[17:54] jennybergamo Alecto: x avere amiccizia io gia lo sono
[17:54] jennybergamo Alecto:
x amiccizia I already have are
[17:55] jennybergamo Alecto:
capisci emily
[17:55] jennybergamo Alecto: you know emily
[17:56] Emilly Orr wonders if tossing up her translator would make things easier, or harder.

Because that translation? Did not work for me at all.

[17:58] jennybergamo Alecto: ciao emily vado
[17:58] jennybergamo Alecto: hello emily go

And then she was gone.

Some days in the land office are weirder than others.

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