Tuesday, February 8, 2011

after a hurricane, comes a rainbow

In a stunning display of corporate theft, Shanghai's Joyland has launched with someone else's logo. Don't believe me? Check out the detail of Universal's up close.

It's only a matter of time before Universal finds out; the problem is, is there any point in retaliation, legal or otherwise? They'll likely just replace the stolen logo with another stolen logo...

In other misrepresented news, Fox News covered the upcoming game Bulletstorm by stating outright the game causes a rise in incidents of rape. Despite having zero validity for this statement, in any way.

I personally don't believe any game causes a rise in rape, but then, I don't believe pornography causes a rise in rape, either. The fact that in nearly all rape cases, pornography was found simply means that they were guys. Do a survey of a thousand men who haven't raped, ever, and in nearly all cases, pornography will be found. It's kind of like saying rain causes hurricanes--while rain might be there, it's not the cause of the hurricane itself.

Continuing in this same vein, the folk behind Gawker take out a bet that their site redesign won't cause a tanking of viewer- and readership. Early numbers are saying it's a bet most readers aren't interested in helping them win.

From Degtukas' biography in Champions Online:
he was suffering pains, now he revenges peapole ho did this to him
Yes, that's really all of it. I am willing to cut him some slack over this, as he was dressed like a luchador crimefighter, and may well not be from the US--but oddly, that could have been an in-game grab, because one of the missions gives you your very own luchador costume to replace yours with.

(There's a couple entries I really need to fill out hiding in the wings. They'll be out at some point.)

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