Monday, February 7, 2011

makin' your way in the world today takes everything you've got

From the amusingly named "Trollface" on City of Heroes (Villains side):
Me had it all.

Me was high-ranking 'Raknos guy. Stronger than everyone. Me started as simple Troll, but 'Raknos pulled me out of gutter because of Mu bloodline. Me rose in rank fast, and could take down anyone.

Me had it all.

But then Recluse got mad just because me beat up entire 'Raknos invasion force. (Me still say that Tarantula was lookin' at me funny.) So he had Scir... Sara... Swordy-Guy pull all Mu-gic out of me. Threw me off top of tower. Not fun.

But now me have new purpose. Me am put on cunning disguise and teach 'Raknos what it mean to be scared. And heroes, too, actually. And anyone else. Especially lippy Tarantulas.

Me am darkness.

Me am the night.

Me... am... TROLLFACE.
Well. Doesn't that just give you a happy mutant glow?

Oh, and his "cunning disguise"? A red mask.


I love this guy.

So, we finally finished the BDSM hunt, and I'm not even up to going through all that we received, but we were stymied at one location. I couldn't get into one of the stores. So, the folks in our party who could port in, did so, and pulled all they could from the land group and the sim group.

Allie Munro, serenity Quar, Carra McKeenan, Talon Serenity, and Skar Scorpio own the land that Grumble's on. I mention this because I'm banned from the land Grumble's on. I can't find anything in Miss Quar's profile that pops as a connectible reason; neither Allie Munro or Skar Scorpio pop with any recognizeable "Em hate" groups. To be fair, none of the five seem to have any known links.

Other than all working at...oh, right. Grumble. This is because I didn't like that orange shirt.

IT WAS A TERRIBLE SHIRT. GET OVER IT. The rest of the stuph Grumble makes is good--not for me, but good. That orange shirt? Is a horror. It doesn't make it any less true to ban me, but feel free to keep me away from that orange shirt all you want.

We move on.

After that, we arrived in this huge store called XCLUSIVES ANIMATIONS. Like, sim-wide. And nothing is rezzing in. They have happy little section signs over various rooms, and we don't know where anything is. And it's not because things haven't rezzed in!

Handy little tip, large store owners: If you have a sign that says "FURNISHINGS", name the prim that. I am totally serious. You can even name it "XCLUSIVES ANIMATIONS FURNISHINGS" if you want to be pedantic (and if that's your store, and you're insane about the all-caps). But seriously--ALL THE SIGNS in this place? Are named "Object".

THIS WOULD SAVE EVERYONE a lot of time. Dead serious here.

(Also: If you have to call it "MASTER'S ALTAR OF SUBMISSION" all caps?

You're not a Master. You're a wannabe.)

Don't get me wrong, the Dead Man's Hand hunt has some nifty prizes. (It also has some that will leave you scratching your head and pondering how they got into the hunt in the first place.) And it's not even that I mind paying for a hunt HUD to get the prizes--I wouldn't be on the Royal Tea Party Hunt if I did.

No, what I mind is that they're asking us to find 52 cards. One suspects they're all individual, flat-textured cards, and that's just...odd in this day and age.

Never forget--the real world is always stranger than anything virtual. Hands down, no contest.


Anonymous said...

Haha wow, a twist on the ol stab em with a shard of ice trick. But they still tied him up anyways. Does a pillow look so different from butter? I mean same cause of death, no air. And a pillow you can burn or set on the bed or wash. Since they were tying him up anyways why not hang him by his neck off a door handle and say he was masturbating, that it was self bondage and they removed the ropes when they found him and tried to revive.

This is probably some ploy by the stop eating so much butter campaigners.

Emilly Orr said...

I'm still trying to figure out how they thought it wouldn't be discovered. Smother something with ANYTHING (barring maybe that pillow), there's going to be trace evidence. You just have to wonder on the thought processes that went into that decision.

Hmm, butter's thick...and difficult to breathe...and it melts! GENIUS!