Wednesday, January 26, 2011

get off the ledge and drop the knife, not a victim of a victim's life

Around and about the grid this week, following two very different hunts.

Seen at the Secret Shelf: Mr. Giles' Apprentice.


Guh. L$129, comes in both colors shown (view the larger image for the racier skirt): this black, and the pale brown (or buff), which is on the larger view.

Right next to it? A set of aged rag stockings, with prim garters in several different colors. L$59. Whee!

Seen at the Think Kink Warehaus: Norby Willis, the first rubber fox I've ever seen. With a rubber fox gasmask, no less. In shiny, shiny pink.

From Blogger Pictures

I had to be fairly careful with the angle, he had...bits. Shiny shiny pink, rubber-covered bits, to be sure, but...bits.

Seen at Xtreme Restrained Life Toys: something only known as SAW.

From Blogger Pictures


Seen at Brickwerkz:

From Blogger Pictures

I know it's technically from a copyrighted work, but if image =/= copyright, there are no direct character names involved. Plus, it makes a great logo. And the flag moves, so it's even better.

Also at Brickwerkz:

From Blogger Pictures

*snickers* On a billboard, no less.

Seen at Coca & Wolf:


Wau. That's a ton of options for rougher play (and click the small pic for the larger image, which shows the female layers). And looks like front and back, everything from scrapes and scratches to...well...removal of bits, in a couple places at least. Still. For the darker-themed roleplayer, this would be ideal, and they only want L$75 for it.

Seen at Devil's Trade:

From Blogger Pictures

the "Steamy Victorian" mouse. (Amusingly, the maker of the mouse? Miss Reghan Straaf. I'd contact her if you want your own.)

Seen at the place with the ice cream bunnies:

From Blogger Pictures

Damn straight.

More as I travel about.

In sadder news, I am going to be removing the Runes of Magic link on the sidebar. A multitude of complicating reasons are behind this move, but the overriding concern is safety: a hacker is currently holding some older data "hostage", with the intent to release the more than three million data points if his demands aren't met. While what he's asking for isn't precisely unreasonable, even so, I don't feel like I can casually stroll back into the game.

This does pain me on a few levels, the most practical of which is: I have diamonds I can't transfer off to other players, and at least one special winter pack I likely won't log in to ever see. I still think it's a beautiful world, and I was happy to be a part of it both in beta, and in full release.

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