Sunday, January 23, 2011

'cause you're my quasi-icthyian angel, you're my half-amphibian queen

Engadget has a short but zippy review of Sony's NGP handheld. I'm not a big handheld gamer--though I do love my iPod--but the handheld gaming addict in our house is thinking seriously of upgrading, depending on price; there are so many new features she's thinking it would be a great upgrade on what she already has (the PSP a generation back). Which we'll likely know soon, because they're planning on releasing it in December of 2011.

Defining what a user experience designer is can be difficult...but this little video does so in a charming, witty, and absurdly retro way. It's well worth watching.

From Jaden Davi's bio:
Okay, people, let me go over this once again for the kids that didn't catch it the first time around: THIS MEANS NOTHING. There is not a single solitary provision in Second Life, or in the Linden Labs Terms of Service, that gives anyone any "right" to log chat or "right" to not be logged. It's a feature; that's all.

Oh, and for the nth time, let me state this outright again, too, because I keep getting complaints: while I try to comply with peoples' wishes--that's MY choice, mind--there is no legal clause or paragraph in the Terms of Service that makes it illegal for me to log chat in world, and post it out of world. Posting it in world, especially to uninvolved parties, yeah, that's always been against ToS. But grabbing it in one place, and posting it on a blog? I'm absolutely, utterly clear.

The passage you'd be looking for on this one? Is this one: "Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums."

Now, if you ask, and I agree with you, I can--and have, mind--taken chat segments down. But if you yell at me or threaten legal action, I don't have to do a damned thing, and you know it--or should. In fact, your lawyer, should you even have one, will know that too.

How'ver, as far as the folks posting those ridiculous "By virtue of the ToS" statements in their profiles, feel free to track down a "point and laugh" animation if you see them in world. Because maybe that will finally snap this rumor's spine at long last.

Seen at Del's Odd Shop:

From Blogger Pictures

And I'm not showing what's in the next booth over. You want to go see, and you have a strong stomach, the SLUrl's right there. Otherwise, I don't recommend it.

More on the "Bloody Circus" dress.

First I went to Weird Designs. Miss Benelli has retired a lot of old designs, though, along with a pretty fab new store build, so no luck there.

Along my way I hit Raven's Hollow, which is apparently an RP sim now, but has a shopping area. The shopping area didn't pan out for the dress, or even for "doll stuff" in general (someone's dim recollection of a maybe to toss on the list). But the sim itself had amusing rules.
This is a privately owned sim you may visit here and shop here but if you break the rules you will be sent away.
No Nudity all bits must be covered, see through doesn't count, no private bits to show. No begging or asking for money you will be ejected and banned if you do so. Second life has lots of ways to earn money so no need to beg. NO NOT EVER ARE SEX PARTS TO SHOW. Also if you have an ao that animates you to wear you look like your hummpin the air the floor ect or such please turn it off while in sim we really do not want to see that ok thanks
No attacks on others,no shooting no caging no pushing or saying rude things to others Harassment of any kind will lead to ejecting and banning and reports to linden labs. goreans are welcome but no sexual poses can be used, no punishing while here, no sexual talk in open chat.
all tinies,furries,neko, vamps(vamps we love ya but no biting ok thanks) kid,and teen avis are welcome here,furries please wear clothes over bits as well. NO gambling, No sexual acts by anyone go to your own land for that . Any and all violations of linden labs TOS is an eject and ban offense and will be reported. land owner has final say in all banning. If you wish to rent a store please read the notecard in the rental boxes.
There is an RPG here to rp here you must be in the rp, no one may rp here if not a member of the rpg. members of the role players may not annoy shoppers or shop renters do so and you will be sent packing.
The only people who work here are the sim owner and her officers in the group nevermore. If anyone else says they work here or can rent you land here or a store here they are lying. If you have any questions about the sim please read the attached note
Fair enough, though positively riddled with run-on sentences. They're not bad rules, per se--don't let me give you that impression--and they're pretty clear about what they do and don't want on the sim. It was more the lack of ANY pauses, and the occasional forgetting about the fact that sentences do, in fact, END, that made me giggle.

Nothing else panned out, though--as Serenity pointed out--the Circus of the Damned outfits--the "Bloody Bigtop" tutu and long skirt, f'rinstance--are similar. Are they exact? No, not as far as I know. But they are similar, and maybe that's what struck the frontal lobes with Hmm, I think I've seen this before... musings.

Seen at Kinky-O's:

From Blogger Pictures

A rocking horse! Well, rocking ponygirl...furnishing...bondage-y...something. Also...rocking horses can be milked?

There is a sim called SkyBeam Morning Wood. I can't make that up, go see.

And check out Winterbells if you have some free time. It's a free flash game; I don't know if there's a downloadable version for any mobile device. Your job: hop on the bells. Bonus points: hop on wandering birds. You can change the arc of your jump by moving the mouse, otherwise it's mostly chance and aiming your bunny in the right direction. But the music is lovely and the animation is sublime and very simple in the best sense.


Fogwoman Gray said...

I have to admit that when it comes to posted rules of behaviour for people I admire the NCI rule. The one Dean Martini refers to as the "Rectum Directive: Don't be an Asshole.
Assholes will be banned, and you know if you are being an asshole.
End stop.
Nobody over the age of 4 needs to be told not to run around naked in public places, not to wave their penis at strangers, not to shoot people, not to walk up to strangers and pretend to hump them. I am not going to try and cover every antisocial, immature act some moron can come up with on my land. Act like an asshole, you are gone.
I am too old and cranky to take on teaching manners to people old enough to know better.

Emilly Orr said...

True enough, and how did this comment slip through the cracks? But more seriously, no: there's no excuse for non-children not to act responsibly on the grid. And yet, it happens a lot. I can only assume that there are two reasons for this:

1. You are, in fact, dealing with a child. Or:

2. You're dealing with a violently rude imbecile who never grew up past childhood, because he (usually he) was so invested in proving that no one was the boss of him and he was old enough to do whatever he wanted.

I've always maintained that ignorance just requires a little training, and maybe asking the right questions. But stupid goes straight to the bone. There's nothing that changes a deeply stupid person, unless they want to change.

And unfortunately, far too many of them don't.