Friday, January 21, 2011

ancient in one long, incidental month

The fans of Red Dwarf just won't let the series go...which is okay with Craig Charles, who's announced that the show's coming back, with--as near as I can figure--the original cast.

Me, I'm deeply tickled by this, because many of the actors involved have gone on to minor celebrity notes in other things, but...I'm also a fan of Red Dwarf. And these are people who keep meeting up every few years anyway, in various and sundry, professionally or personally, because they have fun together. There are worse concepts for a comeback than that the show was fun and the actors are friends.

Meanwhile, Rodvik Linden, the new CEO of Linden Labs, announced what he's been doing on his first official post on the Second Life blog. I am extremely chary of this, but...I am feeling a small, guttering flame of hope about this.

It sounds so dramatic, but Linden Labs hired a CEO whose first few weeks were spent outside Linden land. He walked the grid. He looked at the seasons. He built a house, a raft, he scripted a mailbox. Simple projects, sure, but this means he's trying to learn.

In all seriousness, this, more than anything else, is what Linden Labs and Second Life has desperately needed. We need less management from the ivory tower and more people who understand, even if in small, personal ways, what the grid is like for those of us who reside within it.

At least, if he makes unpopular decisions, I have this tentative feeling that he will be doing it knowing what Second Life is. Isn't that...a good thing?

04:38 PM] Vasha Martinek: A friend phoned me today. He's a technician for some very specific types of factory equipment, so his job often involves traveling, sometimes to some surprisingly small towns. He is one such town today, which is so small that they only have open court once every two weeks, and they hear every case that doesn't involve minors on that day. (Minors are a different day.) The judge, who also owns the local bait shop, doesn't sort his docket - so if you get brought in for speeding (like my friend), you may find your case heard between the guy who brought the booze into the dry county, [and] the guy being charged with statutory rape (who, apparently, can get out of the charge by marrying the girl, according to her father's lawyer).
[04:38 PM] Melangel Thespian: O.O
[04:38 PM] Vasha Martinek: But that's not the best part.
[04:39 PM] Akasha26 Resident: umm.....ok then
[04:39 PM] Nataiu Wildcat: lol
[04:39 PM] Nataiu Wildcat: Oh my.. I want to live there lol
[04:39 PM] Maxie Claveau: geez
[04:39 PM] Inferno Blackadder: nice
[04:39 PM] Honni Clip: Was the name of the town Mayberry???
[04:39 PM] Trinity Allegiere: o_O
[04:39 PM] Feanor Ishelwood: wow
[04:40 PM] Pandora Edwyn: i think i do live there
[04:40 PM] Elyri Winterwolf: this sounds a little like some of the counties adjacent to mine =/
[04:40 PM] Vasha Martinek: The BEST part... is that while he was waiting for his case to be heard... one of the local farmers went up under the charge of animal abuse — because apparently he's been buggering his sheep. And with a straight face, his lawyer said he was willing to enter a plea of guilty IF they would amend the record to show that it was only his female sheep he had interacted with as such, because he wanted it known that he was not a homosexual.
[04:41 PM] Elyri Winterwolf: LOL
[04:41 PM] Inferno Blackadder: LMFAO
[04:41 PM] Akasha26 Resident: lmao
[04:41 PM] Trinity Allegiere: .................she's still a sheep.

This is how the DV8 store group opened today, when I logged in after the crash. As one member put it, So it's okay if the town knows about the bestiality, as long as they don't think you're gay. Yeah, because really, a man has his reputation to protect.


[04:44 PM] Vasha Martinek: I have been laughing about this on and off for about 3 hours
[04:44 PM] Feanor Ishelwood: where was this? Wyoming?
[04:45 PM] Synoa Fallen: rofl
[04:45 PM] Vasha Martinek: No, Kansas
[04:45 PM] Trinity Allegiere: Ooookay then.xD

So, there you go, your daily dose of reality surreality

And for your daily dost of Second Life stupidity...caught this while I was searching through options for a potential tenant.

From Blogger Pictures

(Insert from the Editrix: I should have known better than to upload such 'questionable' images to the easily horrified Photobucket. I'll endeavor to track down the original and upload it somewhere a few hours.)

Skyler Baguier was in the penile av; Lyric Lerintzo was on the pink pony. Cyndyrella Jennings was in the hotpants, and Conrad Pedalo was in the white t-shirt, looking on. Gad, I hope they're just hanging out on empty parcel and aren't Solace residents.

From Blogger Pictures

Then they ported in two more people, and everyone died. I left; first, because they were insanely annoying with the gesturespamming, and their gesturespamming could be heard sim-wide. (I know, because I was in the far corner.) Second, because mass deathing from being in proximity to a shiny pink pony is just never my idea of a good time.


This outfit looks so's currently on sale for L$10 upstairs at Crayon, and I know a lot of us tend to do the tattered circus/bloody Loli look off and on. But I could swear I've seen something like this before.

I'll see if I can hunt it down.


Serenity Semple said...

Keepin my paws crossed on this new CEO. I really would like someone to understand the people more than has been around for awhile.

LOL towards that court lil banter chat majig and towards the possible tenants. XD

Yeah I picked up the Crayon thing myself, thought it was pretty cute. The only places I could think of it possibly being similar from is 1. Circus of Damned/Doomed(I forget but Greenies ran it); which is gone now and 2. Show Me on the Doll which I don't know if they have a store in world right now either and 3. Bubble? I don't know but I know they've had bloody circus items. Might also wanna check Weird Designs, Rotten Toe, or Schadenfreude? XD Sorry doesn't narrow things down but might help.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Rotton Toe dress I have but I'm pretty sure that one has no suspenders and no hat.

I was so surprised when I first heard about the new red dawrf. I saw the commercial where they kept zooming in on a reflection which ended up showing the cast. I watched all the episodes but because of the quality of the camera I thought it was shot in 1980 or so. Then to see them all standing there looking like they did in the show was a shock. Seems like I saw that commercial a year or two ago they've taken a long time to get this going. Unless I'm just misremembering my time.

Emilly Orr said...


Y'know, as it happens I still have a fair amount of the Circus of the Damned outfits. I should check and see if that's what my memory's twigging on.

Emilly Orr said...


I doubt you're misremembering, but I think you're thinking of the movie a year or so back, that reunited the main cast. The plot was bizarre and hysterical--the Dwarfers find themselves trapped in a time bubble, and track down the authors of their current misfortunes--the writers of a series called 'Red Dwarf' on Earth! So off they go through a vortex to track the writers down and convince them to write something else. It was insane, stupid, massively entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable.