Wednesday, January 13, 2010

you look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside that I'm so far away

Carolyn Koh reports on new shinies at the CES show, and frankly--WANT WANT WANT. Solid-state hard drives you can shoot arrows through...oh, man, that sounds like my kind of tech.

How'ver, we are here today to discuss griefers. In particular, who can tell me about "The ultra awesome super cool club"?

Woodbury,Second Life,idiots

Near the end of the discussion group meeting yesterday, several refugees from cartoons joined us inexplicably.

Hans Hawksby, Finnius Maximus, Robble Rubble, Doctor Dirkle, Norm Bombastic, ArseBringer Simon, Operating Theatan, Rachel Breaker, Sylauxe Zhao, Kitten Soup, BIG Pookes, Sara Wheatcliffe, Benjamin Emerald, and Otis Pertwee are apparently all members of that group, along with being members variably in Citizens Against Griefers, Digital Woodbury-hat, The First Church of Xenu, and The Graffiti Soul Squad.

[19:17] Doctor Dirkle: Wow!
[19:17] Sylauxe Zhao: Hello ladies, I have an offer for you
[19:17] Emilly Orr: Oh, do tell.
[19:17] Sylauxe Zhao: Imagine this:
[19:18] Neome Graves: Gee, an ultra awesome super cool club meeting
[19:18] Sylauxe Zhao: You've just finished downloading 500 megs of anime porn, and you're already to read it, but then you realize the horrible truth; YOU HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT IT ALL!
[19:18] Emilly Orr: You're kidding, right?

I have no idea who these pack-mob mentality people are, but this is the second week they've interrupted discussion. It's getting insane. If they show up next week, it'll be a trend, and then we have to figure out where else we're meeting.

In the meantime, the Twentieth Century Fox Corporation's eBay copyright infringement page was tipped to me by Miss Astolat Dufaux. Mysteriously, while it was available yesterday, I can't manage to track it down today. That's very odd. I'll report more when I--or if I--find it again.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

The TCF eBay page shows up fine for me.

Emilly Orr said...

That's so odd. It showed up for me fine the day before, then not at all the day I posted that.

Now? It's showing up fine.

Think I'll grab bits while I can see 'em!