Friday, January 22, 2010

it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

My want of the week: a gorgeous deck of illustrated playing cards. $18.00 plus shipping fee, for the fully illustrated deck of Victorian/anatomical/zoological designs (the $18.00 is for domestic US orders only; but for international orders, it's only $24.00, or around €17.00 in Euros, or close to £15.00 in pounds sterling). It also supports artists with goals; and I should affirm, setting goals works. Granted, I haven't culled through them, to see if there's anything publishable, but I once set a goal of a poem a day. I ended up with over four hundred...

In the meantime, I heard over on the Lucky Kitty blog that Discord had updated their lucky chairs.

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Oh, this could take a while...

Meanwhile, over at Looking for Group, Lar puts everything into perspective:

Hey folks,

Wow. In the virtual world we've got the constant celebrity bombardment of Leno vs Conan. In the real world we've got the much more important crisis of the earthquake in Haiti. And here in our little corner of the Net, we have hopefully been able to provide you a few laughs to take the edge of of Life's heartaches for awhile.

Y'know there have been times in my career when I click on my television to see catastrophe and devastation and it's easy to despair. These things are so big they defy imagining and can cause us to turn in upon ourselves in feelings of depression and helplessness.

Don't. Don't do that. Don't forget you have value. If you can't trust yourself, then trust your friends and loved ones who hold you in value in their lives. Depression is a very selfish place where you dig yourself a hole and crawl in face first.


Even in the face of disasters like Haiti, differences can be made. We can't all donate money and we can't all be on the ground to help dig out survivors or distribute water and food, but we can lighten the loads of those around us. Just a little. And that's a worthwhile endeavour.

All I can do most days is draw funny pictures. I hope they'll make you smile for a bit. Tonight I'll be ustreaming as usual. Maybe I can make you smile a bit there too. In the meantime, go hug someone. You'll both feel better for it.

Yeah. Like that.

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