Friday, January 15, 2010

I run off, where the drifts get deeper

I found another article on the ongoing issue of potential Avatar infringement. It's still too soon to tell whether Poul Anderson's estate will file suit. Or if they've even heard the rumors.

The iVictrola, ladies and gentlemen. Translated--badly--from the German, it says: "Matt Richmonds created perfect with iVictrola a combination of modern and historical technology. iPod the Touch and/or the iPhone is put on the wood foot and the favourite music is turned on. The sound is led into the acoustic horn and vertärkt by a small hole accordingly there. Which worked with Grammophonen already well, stop goes also still with modern technology.

It retails for around $400 US, so it's far from cheap. Still, it's very well done, and could be used as is, or, with a little tinkering, easily hide the iPod at the base.

Dr. Mason delicately pointed out to me there was an error in yesterday's entry; he says as far as he's aware (from his own explorations in Neath), there is no moon to shine. In fact, moonpearls are so highly prized in Neath because they show the phase of the moon beyond Fallen London.

Otherwise, we would forget.

There are those who say the sphere holding the world, and the dark waters of the Unterzee, is the skull of a fallen giant in which we live. There are others who deny this, saying the sphere is made of stone.

There are others still who wonder why it couldn't be both. They point to the recurring dreams, the nightmarish visions of fire and shadows that plague us all. Perhaps they're least where the visions are concerned.

I am still on the hunt for a good pair of en pointe ballet shoes, with or without animation, but these...these are different.

Second Life,fetish,ballet heels,neko,shopping,winter

Anima Temptation in Pirandello Bay--a rather quiet, but elegant, fetish community on Adult land--sells these.

Second Life,fetish,ballet heels,neko,shopping,winter

Miss Adira Aeon makes these extravagantly high-heeled ballet shoes. In three days of wearing them, I haven't noticed one single sculpt glitch (though Fawkes tells me they're not sculpted, he can see the joins of the prims; all I know is, I can't) or invisibility prim glitch; though the invisiprims used do show up against alpha backgrounds. Apparently, each shoe contains one script that cycles invisibility prims in and out, so they defeat most transparent prims awkwardness most of the time.

Considering the level of detail, it's not surprising that each shoe weighs in at sixty-eight prims apiece. Before my faithful readers reel back in horror, let me remind everyone that my plain Lassitude & Ennui 'Elizabeth' grey plaid boots are thirty-five prims each--and come in two pieces. My DV8 Marchioness boots? One hundred and eighty-eight prims--and also come in two pieces.

Good primwork costs, it always has. It can be alleviated by sculpts, if the sculpts are good, and there's some great sculptwork out there. But for comparison, considering shoes and boots, these are actually mid-range on the prim count.

Second Life,fetish,neko,shopping,winter

Do you dare to walk in the highest heels? screams the ads in bold type. And I won't kid you, she is not cheap. And she has no demos. But, she is more than willing to coordinate times to meet, where she can show you what the boots look like on, and help you adjust them properly, if they still aren't fitting right. (For some of her boots, where they're attached in three places along the leg? It's a blessing she believes in good customer service.)

Second Life,fetish,neko,shopping,winter

The dress is from Fricka Morgath at her store Frick!, and I'm so amazed with it. It's only L$50, right now, for one thing. This is the vendor picture in her store:

Second Life,fetish,neko,shopping,winter

One picks up some detail, of course, but nowhere near the level I actually got, was what I expected when I put my fifty Lindens down. For one thing, this is the corset section:

Second Life,fetish,neko,shopping,winter

I made sure I had some center-point bending going on. I have had details stretch or crumple where the midsection is concerned, and this particular pattern just flows amazingly well.

Second Life,fetish,neko,shopping,winter

The vendor also doesn't show you the adorable simple bow detail on the skirt. Over to the left you can see the Blood Lolly dress in red and black--also L$50 during this launch--and the Lemon Lolly, in very bright melted-sunshine yellow, currently only L$15.

Don't get me wrong--Miss Morgath has done wonders with her business since she launched it, almost entirely composed of Eloh Eliot skins retextured, and usually, only slightly.

But she's grown into her skills, and these five dresses prove it: they are simple, cheerful, lovely additions to any Lolita's armoire.

On the second floor, you'll find her small, but I sincerely hope, growing, clothing line, and on the third for for a limited time, you can pick up a copy of the Winter Scene Skybox for L$75. It's also quite lovely, and while the sittable bubbles may not be included, a small set of rugs with couples' poses are, and the tree, the grass and the particle snow emitter.

Second Life,neko,fetish,shopping,winter

On a personal note, I picked out the outfit yesterday, just tossed on a pink panther skin I had in inventory, and the lavender-tipped pink bob from Calla I keep in my neko folder. I like coordinating skin, hair and eyes, and since I wanted to cover the shoes, I thought a pink outfit would go well with them.

I ended up going by Frick and dropping a mention there, and after this, I'll send this out as another fluff fashion entry--even if they're very nice fashions.

Not until I'd logged out of SL did it occur to me: I'm all in pink. And it's not because I'm feeling defensive, feeling wary and watchful, because I'm frightened, angry, or paranoid. I'm just...wearing pink.

That's all.

Because I want to.

There are those reading along who may not catch the significance of this, and I'm not elucidating further. I just note it in passing.

I's a good thing.


Darien Mason said...

Interestingly, the idea that the world is made from the remains of a dead giant is echoed in the Chinese creation myths, including theory that the vault of the sky is the giant's skull.

I theorize that this revival of the tale comes to us from one of the former Cities of the 'Neath.

I have a family member who might know, but he's not talking.

Emilly Orr said...

Go figure.

There's actually more than one culture that mentions dead giants, but yes, considering so far the previous cities in Neath seem to be Aztec or Mayan, then Chinese, then...Celtic? Norse? Neither?

It's so hard to tell.

Darien Mason said...

Is that the order of annexation you've surmised? I've come to the conclusion that the Fourth City was Chinese.

In my investigations of the Forgotten Quarter, a remnant of the Fourth City, I find warrior statues (a burial practice of Chinese emperors) and a cultlike fascination with horse skulls. Horses were first domesticated on the steppes of Asia, but they did not reach the Americas until Columbus. Also the sloped roofs of the structures still intact have a distinctly Asian flavor.

Only theories thus far of course, I welcome another discussion of the Neath with you.

Emilly Orr said...

In no particular order, no.