Sunday, August 2, 2009

you're my perfect little punching bag

Six or seven stops in on the "Sci-Fi and Fantasie Grid-Wide Hunt" (I know, I KNOOOW what I said, but somewhere in this there's HAIR), Magia failed utterly twice:

1. They put their orb somewhere between 30-40 meters from the hunt sign, when the stated limit is 20 meters, by hunt organizer edict; and

2. Their prize was an Edward Cullen outfit.

They FAIL.

Bubblegum Boutique also failed partially, in calling this:


The "Victorian Angel" dress. Victorian? With that cleavage??

And in Florida Paradise, complete and utter fail: the orb could not be bought. Apparently Trena Chenille was such a complete ditz, she set the orb to sell original contents.


So we jumped ahead to the one place we knew we wanted something from: Katey's, which has both Padawan and Bespin hair. Which looked damned cool in the promo photo (and the Bespin hair, at least? Looks AWESOME on; the On the Loose blog has pictures).

Unfortunately, that left us at Store #56, so we skipped to the next spot...which happened to be Trip With Tink, which had another hunt they were advertising:


This is Trip With Tink's main floor, if you've never been:


Riiight....animated unicorn and kitten poofers, and sparkly sparkly mushrooms are so dark, edgy and dangerous, so deeply..."Twisted"....I rest my case.

Seriously, guys, what the hell is wrong with people? Every single grid-wide hunt we've ever gone on, maybe--and it's a big maybe--5% of all stores have anything even vaguely in theme with the stated hunt.

The first Twisted hunt, as it happened, actually did better than average--about 15% of all stores had something to do with the stated theme (which, as with this one, is supposed to be a compilation hunt of dark/evil/twisted/BDSM/gothic/vampire/demonic retailers, for all your "dark Twisted needs"). But that left the staggering 85% that didn't, and, when we got to the store that was giving away pink sequined dresses, we threw up our hands in utter disgust and walked away from the hunt.

This year looks to be worse.

So far, Neon Hammerer (who runs the Putrid Cafe in the Wastelands) wins the hunt, hands down. She actually had an inventive idea, executed it, and included a notecard telling how she was inspired to make her hunt prize. Kudos to her. for she didn't include a GODDAMN LANDMARK FOR THE NEXT PLACE....

Done. SO done with this damned thing.

Okay, moving on. I was joining the Complainer's Brigade on this until I did a little study on it--and read some blogs, talked to some creators, you know the drill....

So my position has changed, somewhat. I still support a closer-to-instantaneous switch-over--in that they should fix the 'bug' of avatar hiding, and replace it at the same time with avatar masking code (glitches in which are causing me and others to appear sometimes without faces, just big eyes--see my current profile pic for an example). But I now agree with the Lindens that this bug should be fixed, it's a potentially dangerous exploit in the wrong hands, and pretty damned insane in inexperienced ones--I mean, just think of someone who doesn't get that the 'hide avatar' function of that particular prim is achieved only by torturing an insanely huge megaprim--what if they try to rez that sucker out?

Simcrash. Possibly multi-simcrash. Possibly grid shutdown until someone can get in and delete that non-resolving prim. Which, if we're talking severe inexperience, will likely be rezzed out, and, if not returned, will then glitch and go physical, or something equally fun.

The best explanation of the screaming match, for people who don't want to read through the whole thing? Is BlueClaw Diesel's:

1. The bug was identified as a bug/hack whatever
2. LL warned people NOT to build content around it because it would eventually get fixed.
3. People ignored it and built entire business's around it
4. LL finally gets to fixing the BUG/HACK/EXPLOIT
5. Hilarity ensues.

Pretty much. Can we all move on to serious issues now? This was a bad way to hide the avatar mesh, get over it. Oh, and this line of Myra Remblai's?

Ever seen an old micro? They don't animate because the avatar mesh is hidden underground. Hiding the avatar mesh some other way is infinitely better since it allows articulation.

Yeah, um...Myra? You're wrong, here. Talk to Jen and Seven Shikami over at Seven's Selections; they have a micro-fairy that perches atop a hidden avatar's (hidden below the ground) head; I have one. Unless I'm wrong, I remember the wings fluttering. Unless you don't count flexi wings as "movement", in which could always make flexi limbs, with a small enough beetle, or snail or something, it would still work.


You know, I had reconsidered, I thought the "complete ditz" remark I made earlier was very much on the harsh side? But, harsh though it may be, it stands after this:

[6:03] Trena Chenille: emily the orb on the sign is an example only---the orb with the gift is inside the store.--i have removed the example so that those like you will not be confused.

Oh, good, I'm so glad no more people like me will be confused. Gosh, that's grand news.

So perhaps I was less than politic in the answer back:

[6:08] Emilly Orr: Pardon, but generally, the example orbs? Say so. This one said it was orb ten. But thanks for clearing up the confusion, though--isn't any one of the stores from the sign position more than 20 meters away?

And her reply?

[6:12] Trena Chenille: it was cleared as ok before the hunt began and i have had many people take the orb so it was ok before i left late last night

Well, good then. Glad to know the organizers don't care about their rules either.

I haaate grid-wide hunts.


Sphynx Soleil said...

Glad to know the organizers don't care about their rules either.

The shopkeeper could have outright lied to you - the organizers may not even be aware of that particular problem child.

Dale Innis said...

hahaha ppl are often ditzes. Get used to it. :)

Wasn't it the Victorians that invented the word "décolletage"? Or is that just the imaginary Victorians?

Emilly Orr said...

Sphynx: No real clue. I do know--during last night's patch of sleeplessness--that I went back to check. First, she'd moved the hunt sign twenty-five meters closer to the store in which the orb is located; but by strict count, the orb is then thirty-one meters out from that.

So from her original position of sign and hunt orb, she placed her orb fifty-six meters away from the hunt sign--a violation of thirty-six meters, by hunt rules.

Am I being overly picky? Absolutely. But she--and every store like hers in this hunt--deeply piss me off: she had no reason to enter this hunt because:

1. She can't seem to figure out the rules of the hunt;
2. Her first reaction was offensive and aggressive, telling me she was either hearing a lot of complaints, or freaks out waaaay too easy as a maker of things;
3. Her sim had zero reference to anything involving science fiction or fantasy (that is, if you don't count the prancing unicorns and rainbows, and gods, I wish I was kidding)


4. Her hunt prize had nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy!

Just pisses me off. Start to finish.

Emilly Orr said...

Dale: Not entirely, and even when lowered necklines became fashionable, it started in France, before slowly spreading to England, then to America, and it started mainly in ballgowns and gowns worn on the stage (thus, by inference, by women of 'looser' morality).

But by and large the plunging necklines as a matter of everyday wear didn't hit true popularly until the sixties--and by that, I mean the 1960s, not the 1860s. :)