Monday, August 17, 2009

come down and join the circus, it's the end of your world

Maybe it's just me--maybe it would have been better had I been there--but the slideshow capture of M Linden's keynote address at SLCC? Pretty much comes off as superficial gloss. "We're doing better! We're rebuilding! You'll like it! People already love SL for what it is! And it's GREAT! Woot!"

At the same time, while he mentions his love for "chance encounters", M reveals himself to be as blind as most of the rest of Linden Labs--his answer to where he spends most of his time? Lindenworld. Which you can't get to unless you're a Linden, and as far as I understand, it's 100% Linden content.

While the Lindens are creators, and are obviously creating content, now and in the past...I still say that's exposing the deep disconnect between the average Linden running the game, and the average resident living on the grid.

In other news, disconnection looms again...floated for some hours in limbo earlier, and the final decision was that other services would be disconnected first, before the lifeline. (S'pose I should thank the Powers that Screw With Us they're just as net-dependent as we are.)

August will likely be a complete working...little in-world time...killing every Subscribe-o-Matic I can find, and every group that sends notices to my email...

I am frustrated, angry, resentful, anxious...I am hindered and hobbled, stuck in place, until some shred of light shines for me to leap towards.

Until then, I wait.

In and out of limbo, I wait.

Sit, tied down, and tell myself, the bonds will loosen when we find our way out.

That's all I want now. Just one direction that's less dark than all the other options...and until then, I wait. I watch. I grow more frustrated.


Anonymous said...

Oh Em, I'm so, so sorry to hear how stuck the situation is.

Emilly Orr said...

I keep telling myself, we couldn't have seen how bad things were going to get. We knew about the problems with the younger two kids--we never foresaw the middle child would fly into rages at the drop of a hat, making the older child run away. We never saw the problem of a school system which finally stopped allowing the youngest child to attend school, as he had a habit of both beating up other children and throwing furniture at his teachers.

And admittedly, we never saw the total disconnect of a thriving friendship into "We hate you, plz die".

But we're getting out. One way or another. Things are happening more quickly now, the closer August comes to closing. We'll either have time, and be able to move somewhat sanely...or have to count everyone's pennies and throw things in a truck and drive off for parts unknown.

But we are leaving. The waiting is making me crazy, but we are getting out. To...somewhere.