Friday, August 14, 2009

you can stop by for some cookies or some absinthe if you're in the neighborhood

A brief entry today as I move through worlds, breath held at any sound that might signal disconnection.

One thing, though. Via Desmond Shang, this link, on the initial moments of SLCC 2009. This part still kills me:

There were no printed schedules for convention goers, only a whiteboard at the registration desk. There was only one printed schedule, which Linden Lab employees were using until a Second Life member grabbed it, shouting "I paid $200 and I deserve at least this!".

Somehow, that makes sense: chaos and disorganization at the community convention they've been planning for months, now. These are the Lindens we know and, well...endure.

[Save, not so much: Miss chestnut Rau informs me that the SLCC is not affiliated with Linden Labs in the least. So, okay, that (slight) black mark I'll remove from the tally sheet, with understanding and apologies.

[I'll just have to go back to holding against them how they dealt with the OpenSpace/homestead issue, gambling, non-standard-size avatars, the entire debacle of Ursula/Zindra, their acquisition of XStreetSL and ShopOnRez (complete with subsequent killing off of ShopOnRez), and their current proclamation that any form of avatar sexuality (at least if listed on XStreetSL) is "patently offensive".]

One other note, which has little SL relevance, but I want it here because of sheer unadulterated beauty: sand art/animation. Of a sort.

Live from Ukraine.


chestnut rau said...

SLCC was planned by a group of residents. It is not a Linden event so you really can't blame them for the lack of a printed schedule.

Emilly Orr said...

Now, I was unaware of that. I had thought--due to Linden presence at each convention, and the broad and frequent advertising of the conventions in-world, that it was at the least Linden-sponsored, if not Linden-run.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll retract that.

Mako Magellan said...

On the other hand, Miss Orr, you might like to pass comment on M Linden's 'keynote' presentation in which he takes over 100 slides to cite the Gartner Hype Cycle and flash a few selective statistics. As Sir Winston would have intoned: Never, in the field of corporate humbug, has so much been shown to so many, yet said so little.'

Come on M, you don't have to give away trade secrets to say something substantial. When I see this kind of presentation I cannot help feeling there is little respect on the part of the presenter for his audience.

I could go on, but my corporate consulting is rarely pro bono.

Emilly Orr said...

Picked up a bit on the keynote address for the next entry.

104 slides to be precise. Generally all of them whitewashed and meaningless.