Monday, August 17, 2009

well it winds from Chicago to L.A., more than two thousand miles all the way

Bare Rose is coming up on their fourth anniversary of gridlife! Being Bare Rose VIPs, we got the chance to preview the upcoming hunt:


I haz a fierce!


Phear MEE!

...though overall, he doesn't look impressed. Moving on.

The whole point is, another story, another few locations, hop about, solve the riddles (they're easy this year), get stuph. Be sure you go for the "Additional Hunt Gift"--you'll get the world's cutest puppy shoulder pet.

How'ver, now I want to talk a bit about the tragedy of grid-wide hunts, since there are so many of them going on right now.

The Skipping Stones hunt started at Kunsthammer in Emmelia. They had a lot of really cool things--cool enough I joined their group for the Soul Window--for free and cheap, and also, the first faintly glowing stone in the hunt. This was their prize:


It's a dandelion arm tattoo in three shades (on all three layers), plus a gesture and poofer combination that results in the ability to blow dandelion seeds from the tattoo. Kind of neat. Quirky and very fun. I liked this one a lot.

The third stone was found at a store I'd never been to before, Sisters, and it's called the Shroud Dress. It's in a blend of striped and floral muted wine fabrics, with black lace petticoats, and it's definitely on the list of keepers:


You can see why.

I didn't keep anything else until the ninth stone, at Tyranny Designs. They featured a lingerie set seemingly made of brass coins--I doubt I'll be keeping it--and a mismatched set of skirts and tops which are okay, but not stellar. I did keep the shoulder songbird, though:


mainly because I'm amused by the irony.

The eleventh stone I'm still deciding on, it's from 1-800-BETTIE's, and it's vintage enough:


but the skirt alphas terribly. I just don't know if the alpha glitching is worth keeping the skirt.

Stone thirteen was Inorite's, and normally I love their hair. I still love their hair colors, but this set came with a floppy beige beret which--while undeniably cute--just wasn't my thing.

I'm also undecided on keeping chanimations' summer dock set:


It's a dock, with an attachable stone, and a sit pose. Put the dock out somewhere, hold the stone, click the small pile of river rocks next to the sit pose, and you have your choice (once seated) of nine or so poses.

It's big, it really requires a river, and a place you can rez things out, but...good for photos? Maybe?

Stone twenty-two was puzzling--So Many Styles decided to make a topless...leather...shorts set.

Think I'm kidding?


That's it. And yes, under the censored bar? Just me. No top. The top layer actually creates the high waist of the shorts.

And don't get me wrong, the texturing is fabulous, it's even better in world, but...where on earth would I wear this?? It's too casual for intimate apparel; it's too intimate for streetwear!

Sari Telling hid the thirty-third stone in a rather clever place, gaining hunters a lovely harvest-themed pantskirt set:


Which didn't seem to go with the rest of the hunt items, but screw that, it's Sari!

Now we jump ahead to the hunt gift from Split Pea, which I'm keeping at least the second one of: it's two headband-and-feathers combos, both perfect for flapper outfits and other 1920's-1930's costume outfits:


They're flexi, too, the feathers. Nicely, nicely done.

Ahead to the Sea Hole's hunt gift, and I can't rez this one out on my land currently--it's over 49 prims. But here's a picture you can look at over on Little Miss Hater's blog.

Don't know if I'm keeping that, either, but I do know I want to see it rezzed out, at least once.

Two stones later brings us to Turnip Homes' gifts--one's the Creature of the Deep hair that must be seen to be believed, and then there's the boxed art piece, Sea Horse


That's just...phenomenally fun, that is.

Finally, d-LAB's summer mole hat:


The mole is twee beyond belief.

But, even granting I keep all ten of the items I'm showing you? That still leaves fifty-one stores in this hunt alone that I traveled to, dug around in, found the stone in, bought the stone, took them home, unpacked them, rezzed them out or tried them on...

...and threw them away in horror.

This is the problem with grid-wide hunts. And I'm not saying this is particularly a poor example of the trend. I'm sure--saving everyone but House of Heart, who totally recycled a Hair Fair hand-out for the Skipping Stones hunt--that this group of designers really put their heart and soul into it. They tried to match a theme. They tried to be funky and bohemian. And by and large, they mostly succeeded...but bubble skirts, topless leather outfits and babydoll dresses?

Not my thing.

You can find Skipping Stones hunt tips here; and Anna Zweirs went into all the hunt gifts--first here, and then here.

Now, people have been talking about the massive shoe sale by Doreen Halley on XStreet Uncensored. Why are they talking? Because she's taken many of the sculpt maps that people are using for shoes at Dare Designs, Dilly Dolls, and just about every fetish place on the planet (for the ballet shoes, at least), and offered them up all-in-one, with heel-step sound menus, color/texture shift menus, in seventy-four colors--for three hundred Lindens.

This is causing controversy. Again, why? Because makers are saying she's devaluing everyone elses' hard work. Forget the fact that she routinely sells hundred-Linden versions of these shoes individually, and has done so for months if not years. Forget that people can have sales on XStreet that don't necessarily apply to the in-world price, and that's not unfair practices, because it is a sale.

No, people are mainly pissed because, by releasing three sets of all-in-one shoes, she's leading people to expect these prices from everyone.

Well, since KaShoez has been selling hundred-Linden shoes all along, she could well be doing that. But it still doesn't match the button work on Dare Munro's thigh-high versions, or the unique variations on footwear by companies like Show Me On the Doll who, though they use sculpted shoe maps, don't use those sculpted shoe maps.

There's also apparently a problem in the new build of Emerald resulting in some personal instability with changing SL clothing; the problem is, for most of us, the fix either disables sound/voice, or disables the ability to left-click on objects. Thus rendering us alone in a world without sound or gesture, unable to buy things.

Hmm, well, the first isn't bad...

I had a problem with their comments system, so ended up leaving two messages on it by mistake. Grr.

Lastly, as many of you know, I've had some personal instability of late, which has led to some temporal accidents--one put us in contact with the Autogenica Institute, a thinktank that operates quite some time from where we live on the grid (at least, in Caledon). I don't know how long we'll receive transmissions and updates from them, but it is a morbid, "Oh, we've all died, then?" way.


Rhianon Jameson said...

I hope it was a nice funeral, at least.

Emilly Orr said...

Haven't heard, actually. Suppose I should ask.

Anonymous said...

I would assume the idea behind the topless shorts is that you can wear a top on a different layer?

Emilly Orr said...

True. You're left with the underwear layer. Where I have a nigh-permanent tattoo. :)

Barring the little mental glitch of wearing a layer that 'never comes off', so to speak, say you leave off the shrug, that gives you the jacket layer. But many jackets come as shrugs or open, leaving you with the same problem. Or, you could wear the jacket, and the shorts, and wear a different top, but then the shorts would lose their buttons and not be high-waisted.

I still say--dusty rose leather, definitely a unique color; high-waist shorts, also unique; beyond that, the outfit wasn't well planned.'s intended for men.

Huh. Hadn't thought of that.