Monday, February 9, 2009

you're sweet, wanna hit the street?

Depeche Mode and Tron. It can't go wrong.

I understand there's a problem with child abuse (in any world); I understand people like Starship Troopers. Why, oh why, did someone combine them?

And TwoLumps weighs in with the crippling new ailment that has befallen more than a few of us...

And am I the only one thinking someone really needs to bring these candy bars to Baron Wulfenbach?

Also, did I mention I really hate spammers? Man, they're not even accurate spammers--that was an entry from clear back in August! Of 2007!!

A brief discussion of the Tree of Life, just so I have it for reference.


The spheres are arranged in three columns; the left column is called the Pillar of Severity; by record it represents the anima, the feminine, and contains three Sephira: Binah, which is Understanding; Geburah, which is Severity; and Hod which is Splendor.

The right column is called the Pillar of Mercy; by record it represents the masculine, and also contains three Sephira: Chokmah, which is Wisdom; Chesed, which is Mercy, and Netzach, which is Victory.

The middle pillar of the Tree of Life is called the Pillar of Equilibrium.

"Reading" the Tree of Life is done starting at the top, then going down and to the right, over to the left, down and to the right again. This is how they are organized reading properly:

Kether is the top of this pillar; it is known as the Crown. It represents the upper level, the higher consciousness, infinite light, infinite wisdom...God, in any other sense. Kether is depicted as a sparkling, shining star at the top of the Tree.

Chokmah is just beneath and to the left of Kether. It is called Wisdom. It represents pure moving spiritual energy, spiritual force, the All-Father, in a sense. It is in Eastern terms pure male yang energy. Chokmah is a glimmering pearl-grey sphere.

Binah is to the left of Chohman. It is called Understanding. It represents compassion, the pure principle of understanding, love, acceptance....the All-Mother in other terms. In Eastern terms, this is the heart and source of all pure female yin energy. Binah is represented by a solid obsidian sphere.

Daath is beneath Binah back on the central pillar. It is called Knowledge, but it is the knowledge of the outer world, and the unexplainable. It is the abyss, the chaos of random expression, it is that which cannot be predicted, that which cannot be understood. The inconceivable, the totality of chaos, rules here. Daath bears no discernable color, and is frequently removed from standard Tree of Life depictions.

Chesed is beneath and slightly to the right of Daath. It is called Mercy. It represents authoritarian designs and desires, proud rulership, just majesty...think the Emperor in Tarot terms. Chesed is a glowing cloud-blue.

Geburah is to the left of Chesed. It is called Severity, or sometimes Judgement. This is the domain of the warrior, the fighting impulse; strength, power, physical might, all covertcy and arts of war. Geburah is gleaming red.

Tiphareth is beneath Geburah, back on the central pillar. It is called Beauty. This is the position of harmony, creation, unity, the power and life of the sun, and the striving towards perfection. Tiphareth is gold, solid and shining.

Nedzach is beneath and to the right of Tiphareth. It is called Victory. It embraces love and lovers, artistic creativity, artistic expression and tantric spirituality. Nedzach is the green of all growing things.

Hod is directly to the left of Nedzach. It is called Splendor. Fleet thought, silver intellect, and all provinces of communication rule here. Hod is pumpkin-orange.

Yesod is beneath Hod and back on the central pillar. It is called Foundation. The moon shines here, visions and deep memories, the cycle and flow of tides and life, the cycle of life and death, and also the principles of truth and illusion. Yesod is royal purple.

Below everything, the last orb of the Tree of Life is called Malkuth, is beneath Yesod. It is called Kingdom. This is the place of physical reality, the realms of death, pain, and healing, all labor of the flesh, all physical experiences. Malkuth is split into four quarter-spheres: one olive green, one mid-range red, one black, one muted purple.

You're welcome to respond, if you like, but this was more for a current commission than anything else. Think of it as a way to take visual notes.


Alexandra Rucker said...

Tree of life is interesting. :)

Why do they call those spheres "Sephira"? And why do they read it top-to-bottom, instead of bottom-to-top?

Emilly Orr said...

Because "sephira" roughly translates to "number" (sephiroth in this sense meaning "number system" or just 'numbers', plural), so it's less an angelic designation than it is a mathematical one.

You can read the Tree of Life from Malkuth, the base, but then you're reading bottom-left-right, bottom-left-right all the way up (over reading from Kether down, top-right-left).

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Fraulein Emilly,

Seems safe enough for bringing aboard for testing.



Emilly Orr said...

Worst that can happen is they'll be too hot to eat? Though anything's possible...