Thursday, February 12, 2009

there's something very wrong about this, I think you knew all along somehow

[Why yes, I did alter all the pictures with cutesy little hearts to appease the idiots over in PhotoBucket censorship. Why do you ask?]

I won't go out on a limb and say every time I go freebie-hunting, something like this happens...but it is becoming a trend.

Miss SunShine Philly, everyone.


She was born the last week of January, 2009. She's already apparently happily married, and kudos for her; it can be difficult finding your soul mate on the grid.

I have to admit though, my jaw hit the floor once she rezzed in. Maybe it's Caledon mores growing on me, or...

Well, no. For one, I do not understand the backpack-of-holding trend. I just don't.


Also, I have to be honest, I swiveled the cam because I truly didn't believe what I was seeing. Were those really prim boobs, that badly adjusted?

Why yes. They were. Dear gods.

And the bling shoes. And the bling backpack buckles. And the bear with the heart poofer sticking out of the back flap. And the insane-glow-for-miles collar...

Clearly, I had to know more about her. I opened her profile.

Im your Mistress i am your SunShine Iam your pain-slut you anr my submisve you are my Love you are my BITCH

--and that's where I stopped.

Wau. Just...wau.

She's also been to Caledon:

great place if you like closed mided idiots so if your gay lesbian dom sub or any no white race feel free to stop by for the warm welcome this lesbian got

Well, my dear...if you showed up looking like that?


I think our citizens can be excused for not welcoming you with open arms...I mean, I like to think, by and large, as a population we are fairly tolerant of others' foibles...but to a point. If one desires free access to the teahouses and the strolling parks of Caledon, and one also desires to do so in fishnet stockings, exposed genitalia (the kitty tattoo slays if there was any doubt), chains wrapped tight enough to indent, and carries a backpack that is so very large, it is quite possibly the only object that could counterbalance those breasts...

...well, one or the other of your desires is in error, isn't it?

The House of Ruin is having a Valentines' Day heart hunt. Find nineteen hearts from House of Ruin (fourteen of theirs) and AET Eyez (five from them); it's not that hard, though there are decoys. Some of the decoys are in very odd places.


It's worth going to even if one is not interested in the hunt. For one, they have a great many eye giveaways scattered about--from full-on freebies to Linden-only offers. For two, most of their eyes--from both businesses--fall between twenty and thirty Linden to acquire--and most of the time, even single sets of eyes are sent out in pairs, because there's a day version, and a night version. Very interesting.


Drat, now I can't display eyes on spikes. I'll have to come up with something else. Alas.

All in all, though, for once, the hunt does exactly what it's supposed to--invite people to come see their business, wherein one can investigate eyes, for just about every need save neko, as well as artwork and some amusingly fun details (check behind the fire in the side room, is all I'll say), in a fairly quiet and unusual build. This is never a bad thing.

They even have a subscribe-o-matic. Keen!


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

$L50 says "Miss" Philly is a guy.

Alexandra Rucker said...

Oh the horror! I think I have the vapors....

(Yegads, can't people read to see what a sim's theme is???)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I've never understood the "bigger is better" mentality when it comes to certain body parts.

It *is* a little amusing to have Miss Philly complain about lack of tolerance, as she shows absolutely no tolerance for the preferences of others...starting with a desire not to see genitals out there in the fresh air. It's the modern definition of "tolerance," which means "anything I want."

And Lord Argylle...another $L50 that says typist has not yet reached eighteen (I first typed "the age of maturity," but that seemed far too obvious).

Emilly Orr said...

*snickers at Edward's comment* See, sadly? I'd so agree, were it not that I know born females who are ecstatic over having breasts larger than their head. I get the whole fantasy aspect, I do, and while it's not for me, I know others are extremely happy owning, and looking at, very very large boobs.

But essentially shopping nude to show them off? This doesn't happen outside of fetish clubs, at least, not in the cities I've lived in. So I just don't get the attraction.

Emilly Orr said...

Alex: If you pull up her profile? Literary comprehension is not one of her skills.

Miss Jameson: that was another point, which I think I quietly made with her Caledon comment. I personally know many kinky Caledonians; I've worked with the lovely staff of the Bashful Peacock, which is quietly--but assertively--for the enjoyment of those Caledonian ladies and gentlemen who enjoy the company of ladies and gentlemen, respectively; I know non-white (and hells, non-human) Caledonians.

It's not that Caledon is only for straight white vanilla people. It's not. It's that some things, by and large, are expected to be kept from public view. But then, you're right in the modern definition of tolerance: tolerance to many no longer means acceptable accords and compromises; it just means "I get to do what I want and you have to deal". When did social tolerance, in any society, mean that?

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

No. More. Hunts. Gah.

Alternately, having been in buildspace when the person was lambasting the entire Independent State of Caledon, I did not think to save the chat before the scheduled crash. However, the need to be accepted without accepting any others' quirks was the main of her conversation, with the unpublishable words redacted.

Emilly Orr said...

Frau Lowey: As I found out today, Miss Philly is that most charming of visitors to Caledon, the "you can have me for 50L" lass, famed in song and stor...well, in chat at least.

Also, I'm going to go back and edit, but I'm amused to note that the full frontal (very nearly nudity) was not censored by Photobucket; but the pictures of her on the side view (where her nipples are clearly obscured, but the image of the skin on the wall is seen) were removed.

Diffident censorship values at best...

Seraph Nephilim said...

Oh. My!

Victorian society is typically prim and proper and such things are *never* done or even spoken of...openly. Such restraint, however, is frequently made up for—behind closed doors!

Just...*head/desk* *sighs*

Emilly Orr said...

Quite, Lady Seraph.

We are a modern grid on modern equipment, with the gloss of history's sheen; this means we are, as an online culture, more accepting of difference, gender variance, same-sex partnership, religious choice...species...than Victorians in the same setting would be.

Even with that, though, there are limits. There have to be limits. Is it really too much to ask that people wear clothes for instance? Just clothes. Just that?

I'm already hearing dire mutters from the NCI folks that it would likely make their jobs much easier were there simply an acceptable nudist policy in Caledon...

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

May I ask *why* we must have an acceptable nudist policy in Caledon just to make a very small group of people have an easier job? How hard is it to throw on a layer of slider clothes?! If you want to run around nude, best learn how to type "Nudity" or some such into the search feature and go hang out there. Besides, there are far too many very nice clothes (and many of them very affordable, even free) to want to run around in the buff for very long! :-)

Emilly Orr said...

Oh, trust me, no one is asking for such a policy; it just seems the prevailing attitude of newcomers off various game orientation locales is--they will make a stop at the station which clearly indicates how to remove clothing, and walk right by the station which says, click here for a different set of clothes, and here is how to wear them from inventory.

Don't ask me why walking around naked is something new people do; I know I certainly had no problem changing from one set of clothing, to another, without walking around nude in between times. (Though I will say, as a very new avatar on the grid, I did somehow have the idea that one must remove all other clothing entirely, then dress in the new set...but that resulted in a few moments of 'naked time' at best.

(And I certainly did not use that time to go wandering about in public!)

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Funny you should mention "mentor" who brought me to SL was the one who asked me if I didn't realize that I could change clothes without totally undressing first, or if I just really enjoyed being a bit of a tease. He was male of course. From that point one, unless I *was* planning on being a tease, I made sure I did change without undressing first.

Emilly Orr said...

Here's where things get really fun. My (RL) wife's first account (she has others now) used to live in Steelhead (back when Steelwolf still had that apartment building in town). I divided my time between the Isle of Lesbos' visitor center (which was, by and large, outdoors and anyone could teleport in) and her balcony (which again, outdoors, people could have seen me) as pro-tem "changing rooms".

Without radar at the time? I really have no idea who, if anyone, was in Steelhead at the time to observe.

Suffice it to say that while I generally don't, I can change into virtually any form, with clothing appropriate to, standing in a public square without revealing things. But when I started? I didn't so much do that. :)