Friday, February 13, 2009

you're not a flower of hell, not in that place

Remember Miss SunShine Philly from the previous entry?

Not only did I have to go through the images and put twee little pink hearts over anything potentially offensive, to keep from losing more images, but then, in a discussion with the Baron, I discovered that Caledon at large has a better acquaintance with Miss Philly than I knew previously.

For anyone who doesn't know, some months back, there was a fairly clueless lass who came into Caledon, and immediately began soliciting gentleman for the express purpose of...hrm...I'm not even sure I can say "horizontal adventuring", I think the nearest alley would have sufficed.

We heard tales of her, there were sightings, there were gentlemen--without and with female companions--accosted by this...sumptuously-endowed presence...and offered the bargain-basement price of fifty Lindens to test-drive her.

Look. Here's the thing. I am not the champion for moral rectitude, I b'lieve I've mentioned this before. And I'm not asking anyone to take sides on the sex trade in Second Life--you're for, you're against, by and large, that's fine, as long as you stay away from certain words while I'm listening. I have no other problems. Morality is not precisely my reason for raising this again.

But at my lowest, at my absolute beginning-nearly-free level, with no one knowing who I was or what I could do--I charged five hundred Linden per hour. And that was when I was first starting out.

And friends and neighbors, even at my height of two thousand per thirty minutes? That was still low. I knew ladies in the trade who routinely pulled in five thousand, ten thousand Linden a session, and all far before the advent of voice.

To charge fifty Linden--to brazenly, openly, proclaim that she, as a woman and a free soul, is worth no more to any stranger viewing her than that--that deeply bothers me. That, you see, offends me.

The outfit is just baffling. Not possible in real life? Well, maybe. But trust me, there'd be back strain. And a better regard for fashion, ye gods!

Moving on. In my travels this evening--missing the opening of Giverny, drat it all, but I'd promised myself earlier I would go on the Kissed hunt with the extended group--I found the Village.

Yes. That Village.

We wandered through Yellow Jester, a small cheerful store that seems to specialize in Renaissance furniture, bone ladders, and flesh puppetry.

In the Village.

In a cheerful little lemon-yellow bungalow, leading out onto a lawn bedecked with striped awning-covered carts packed with free things.

You can nearly smell the sea.

I told everyone I was with that, should Rover come around the corner, I was so hitting the panic button for home. Thankfully, that never happened. But still. It's creepily authentic.

If you ever had a love for the Village, you should definitely wander through. Or...maybe not. I mean, who knows--Rover just might be lurking around a corner!


Alexandra Rucker said...

Bad enough in SL, but knowing that someone did that in RL?

I feel ill now. *faints from shock*

Emilly Orr said...


Do you know how long it took me to find a clothed lass of such sizeable proportions?? That didn't look relentlessly tacky, or just had a large belt strapped over her nipples?

That's all I wanted. Held up this entry for 32 hours. One picture. Sheesh!

Seraph Nephilim said...

And we appreciate your dedication.

Looks at picture; runs screaming...

Or maybe not. ^.^

Emilly Orr said...


Yeah, there's a lot of really, really mind-boggling images when you run Google with Safe Search off.

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

I know when I first visited the Village there were Rovers living the NW mountain section.

I should go back for a visit.

turnerBroadcasting said...

The whole sex with dolls thing, I kind of got a big kick out of and yea, think a floor price is like 500, or a 1000 or something.

But making linden isn't her aim, I'd say her aim is to create another life in which she is abused - a sort of self punishment ritual.

I tried the whole virtual thing, but I am fortunate I guess in that I have a choice in real life of grabbing some female by her slender waist and throwing her into a real bed and just riding her like a horse.

So. Thats my choice. Even at 50 linden she doesn't get my business.

For me the fun really begins with people like her when you log to a person of another sex and you end up becoming her madam and her lesbian lover and all the while
she's thinking you are a mother figure

But far more it would be nice to just go in-world and not have it lag like a drugged out dachsund swimming a pool of lime jello

I tend to login like. now. what. 15 minutes ... every three months.
Soon as SL adopts democracy, and a decent server architecture it might be worth a damn.

Like the new site design Em

Emilly Orr said...

Edward: Rovers in the mountains. *shudders*

Turner: See, I know there are lagging days, I know there are days I just want to log off and not log back in...but the things that keep me there are above and beyond the ability to walk without feeling like I'm fighting gelled air: the ability to create, and the ability to be with people I love who aren't actually living in my house.

Those two things don't change.

B'sides, while I do throw money at SL more than occasionally, and much of it direct-to-Lindens fees for uploads of photos and textures, it's not a steadily recurring bill for a world I can't create in, and have to specifically choose a side to play. Still not happy with WoW for that.

I was talking with someone earlier, who just didn't get the whole virtual sex thing (above and beyond charging for it). "Wouldn't it be cheaper," he said, "and easier, just to have sex for real?" He talked about strip clubs, he talked about just going out there and getting a date.

And okay--forgetting the fact that some people are really, really shy--yeah, in a lot of cases, it would. But for me it comes down to location. I have international friends. I have international loves. Even my local loves are scattered through various time zones. There's no room in my budget for me to jet around seeing people in RL. This is what we can have.

SL will never develop democracy. :P And thanks, I'm pleased with the new site design, too. Even more pleased that--though I can see the flaws--I made the header and the background. So yay for that.