Monday, January 12, 2009

zutto sagoshitu sottou hikoru homomi hikori

I'd heard earlier this morning that Bland was having a sale. I knew only that their famed "Subtle Dress" was also on sale.

Would I'd never asked...but I had to know.


(Click for the larger image, if you're really curious.)

Well. Now I know. And knowing is...something.

Still, all separates are marked down to L$25, all dresses down to L$50, and all shoes--all four pair of them--are at L$20 until the sale ends and Bland closes. It's modern wear, all of it, but with simple clean lines that are not unappealing.

Save for the Subtle Dress.

Before that, though, Creator Allen was in the throes of intense creation--namely, Cecil, which is now out at Autogenic Alchemy. It nearly didn't happen at all, though, because the sandbox we frequent suddenly--and mysteriously!--filled up completely on prims.

This was on the astounding side, as 15,000 prims don't vanish instantaneously for no reason.

All we could find was this builder, Midas Blazer, in her temporary workshop about a thousand feet below our position. (We literally fell into her skybox.) She had nearly a full dozen nukes, and three styles of hair rezzed out, along with a platform, a half-hollowed orb, and some other scattered oddities.


Nothing she had added up to 15,000, and plus, there was the communication difficulty...she spoke Spanish, but didn't like my translator; I, speaking English, could never make her understand I didn't speak French.

Finally, I told her I'd contact the fellow who, it turned out, had rezzed all the nukes for some reason. Who asked, when I IMed him, if I could just return them.

I said, as I didn't own the sandbox, I wouldn't be able to, but he could, if he came to her location...and he said he would.

We left soon after; Miss Neome couldn't even attach avatar bits to herself!


Finally, I've begun exploring Mondserrat. Volcanis is by far the more dangerous of the two islands. The "anti-probe" protection scared me more, but the turkeys sent me running screaming into killer bees...and then the UFOs came, and I understood the "anti-probe" devices!

But Verdis, while lovely, also has giant spiders, savagely prowling black panthers, and a Tiki bar.

I fear the Tiki bar.

Still, it's worth another journey. Who knows, I may find something very interesting indeed!

...beyond new ways to die, I mean.

(The song comes from the anime series Chobits, and is sung by Rie Tanaka. It's called Ningyo Hime, which means "Mermaid Princess".)


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

I still haven't seen the turkeys.

I haz added pikturs and there's also a link at the bottom to the list at the Caledon Wiki of stuff what to find on the islands. Coz I know you love collecting pointless crap... er... souvenirs on treasure hunts :-)

Rhianon Jameson said...

(Somewhat OOC comment here, but...) Regarding the "subtle" dress, I hesitate to think what sort of a gentleman one would want to encourage if said gentleman needs instruction as to which end is which. And what will the poor guy do once the dress is off? Do you need to get similar tattoos to provide instruction?

I shudder.

Emilly Orr said...

Yay for pikturs!

Did you make it to the killer bees? Around the evil UFOs on Volcanis, one runs into the turkeys, which, though comparatively flat for their breed, are surprisingly vicious.

Emilly Orr said...

And Miss Jameson: I completely agree. If one is with a gentleman who needs pictorialized instruction, perhaps one would be better off seeking the company of a different gentleman...

Samantha Poindexter said...

As an item of possible interest... I am given to understand that the Tiki bar had last been seen (in somewhat better condition) on the St. Kitt Islands before their untimely volcanic destruction. It is unclear how it survived the eruption, let alone travelled to Mondserrat. You may be right to fear it.

Emilly Orr said...

That was the Tiki Bar of Saint Kitt's?



Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

I thought the whole point of women sporting tattoos across the small of their back was a form of instruction - or a reminder of their name in case their partner of the evening forgot...