Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart

one hurts, and I hurt for that pain
one worries for me, and I do not know what to say
I say I am fine, and I believe this
I am distracted, but I am with them
I am there, but my thoughts are spinning
far beyond their reach

We discovered a very odd thing. I'll have to ask Miss Neome who made her new ArtBunny avatar, because apparently it uses the same texture as Winter Ventura's remake of the free YouTube TV.


he hurts, and I hurt with him,
I understand when he says
he should never have said yes
I want to protest, I want
to rail, to scream, bitter recriminations
towards the source of pain
the source of pain
potentially within reach

Her remake is exceptionally elegant, all things considered. A temp-rez "remote" system slides out from the bottom, giving one the ability to stop, pause, clear entirely, or input media to view.


but I cannot reach out
it is not my place
and if I am honest with myself, truly
honest, I do not have the time
I do not have the time to
spend all my time
in that space of anger and pain
it is my pain, because
it is his pain
it is not my pain, because
I have my own

Everything was fine, we were feeding links back and forth, as we do in our rare relaxing time, watching Miss Neome cycle through changes. Then she crawled into the ArtBunny, and suddenly, the whole of her skin changed--to the media the TV played.


As you might imagine, this amused us greatly. We went from political commentary and odd musical bits directly to twee baby animal vids--just to see them play out on her media-reflective skin.


one hurts for me
I tell him not to worry
one hurts, and I grasp at words
to try and ase that pain
some pain will not be eased, some
pain will only be endured, and
not one bit of my wanting to help
will help, will ease, will soothe--
much as I want, much as
I might need it to...

...I am beyond its reach.

I don't think we've laughed so hard in several days, mayhap several weeks. It was amusing, as well as being vital.

Though now I think we will tease her about being the Morgaine studio's mobile TV.

(One additional note. You might have noticed the change to the layout. And, in fact, the layout before. One cannot shatter, and reform the way they were in all regards. One must shatter, gather pieces, and move on to repair and refinish. This is the first step of my remaking.)


Alexandra Rucker said...

Laughter is always good, especially when it's shared. :)

BTW, wanted to say, LOVE the new background. I may have to steal it for desktop wallpaper. :)

Emilly Orr said...

Tiles a little oddly, could use some more work, but it came out nicely.

Seraph Nephilim said...

A most amusing anecdote.

And I simply adore your new banner, especially the steampunky-good SL logo!

Emilly Orr said...

*grins* Thank you. Admittedly, it pushes the edge of acceptable logo redefinition, but I think there are enough stylistic differences between my re-engineering, and the official SL eye-in-hand.

Apparently what happened? Whomever designed the bunny avatar used the default media texture to tint the beast. Never, ever do this--unless one wants to pick up all media streams on the parcel.