Thursday, January 15, 2009

in our thund'ring herd we feel a lot like cattle

Living with a Disney addict, as I do, Disney things are never far from my mind. I'm not a Disneyphile myself--I like the movies, Anaheim is okay, never been to DisneyWorld and don't care if I go--but Magicland in Bracket is made for Disney addicts.

Think I'm kidding?


This is Main Street, Disneyland, Anaheim, California.


This is Main Street, Magicland, in Bracket, on the grid.

Of course it's smaller; but they've done a wonderful job with the land they have, truly. There are flaws--they've chosen to go heavily with photosourced images, and sometimes that creates oddity, like the two-dimensional gaslamps that line Main Street, eternally lit by the noonday sun...whether or not the sun is out, at that point, in SL.


Frontierland, still under development. There are more than a few 'rides' and attractions that are still being built; but it's well worth a wander just to see what's there now.


This way to the People Mover, to see the park in style; just watch out for the sim barriers, you've got an easy fifty percent chance to be dumped from the elevated track back down to Main Street!


If you've ever wanted to dress up like a Disney character, Once Upon a Time has you covered. Simple shoes, (Linden) hair, shape, flexi skirts; scarily reasonable prices, even considering the no-flex hair.

Here's where the fantasy started to fade for me, though:


This is the Gingerbread Girl outfit at Giuseppe & Teena's, in the Crystal Arcade. Is this, or is this not, Disney fetish wear?


And this...thoughtfully labeled the "Candy (Jumpsuit)" (in case you thought you were buying the girl), it's got cleavage slit nearly to the navel. And even if you're able to discount that, the hooker heels, the Malibu tan, and the breast implants are anything but "made for the Magic Kingdom".


And the Aloha Dress? Is slit to below the navel...and nearly low enough onlookers could decide for themselves whether the lass is bare...or believes in natural hair. So to speak.

Kind of creepy in Disneyland, if you ask me...oh, forgive me, Magicland.

Still, taking everything they've done into account, they do have a comprehensive legal notecard available in their business office:

Welcome to Magicland Park!

Magicland Park and Magicland Estates (collectively, “Magicland”) is an entirely fan built area. Magicland is not associated with the Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., their subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or third party licensors (collectively, "Disney").

Unless otherwise noted, all 3-D generated content in Magicland is the intellectual property of the account holder beholden to the Second Life avatar Kriste Beck and/or the account holder beholden to the Second Life avatar Pixie Ella. Other intellectual property holders may includethe account holder beholden to Louie Etchegaray and Doom Kelberwitz. All rights are reserved and may not be used elsewhere without permission.

Unless otherwise noted, textures used within the generation of the 3-D content of Magicland have been generated from non-copyrighted images freely available within the public domain.

Any Disney-owned attractions, designs, Disney Character images, locations, logos, products, registered trademarks, or trademarks (such as Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, their event, attraction and area names) are the property of Disney. IN NO CASE DOES MAGICLAND MAKE ANY EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT CLAIM TO ANY OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ASSOCIATED WITH DISNEY.

All Disney images, Disney Characters, and logos are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Disney. Other non-Disney registered trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property are owned by their indicated intellectual property owners. No endorsement of Magicland by the Walt Disney Company or any other company is implied.

Certain names, graphics, logos, icons, designs, words, titles, and/or phrases at Magicland may constitute trade names, trademarks or service marks of Magicland and/or of other entities. The display of trademarks at Magicland does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted. Any unauthorized downloading, re-transmission, or other copying of modification of trademarks and/or the contents herein may be a violation of federal common law trademark and/or copyright laws and could subject the copier to legal action.

Good to know. Maybe they won't be shut down after all.

I'm definitely intriqued to see what they do for the Haunted Mansion.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Yes, those outfits are definitely not Mouse-friendly. Disney (-Land or, in my case, -World) is a peculiar territory, where all the employees are cute girls or hunky guys, but it's entirely sexless. They emit the perky charm of a younger sibling who is of a mind to curry favor with the older sibling. Or a babysitter (the old-fashioned kind, not the sort that pops up in movies such as "Mystic Pizza," where having an affair with your married employer who is more than twice your age seems like a good idea).

The Magicland version of the Haunted Mansion could scare visitors with over-tanned, Botox-ed, breast-implanted C-list celebrities desperately trying to get visitors to recognize them. And some of the outfits could come in handy.

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Has your Di$neyfile housemate seen this. James Mason is rolling in his grave.

Star Wars Haunted Mansion will feature this video on loop and teleports will be blocked....

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson: true, but really, really scary idea. What I found fascinating, though, is they're devoted to recreating the experience of Disneyland from an specific era; walking around, the three uf us decided it was likely pitched 1970-1990, with a heavy emphasis on park attractions in the 1980s.

Apparently they're also planning to have the Electric Parade at night, and planning to open the Tiki Room. That might be interesting--virtually scripted avatars recreating software-enabled animatronic people, birds, and objects...raising the question, when does it hit parody status, or is it already there?

Edward: oh, yes. In fact, Fawkes introduced me to that particular clip. Also he's delighted in playing clips from the original pre-show, as well as the revised version, of an attraction that's no longer at any park, Disney's ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (this is part two, I think, and this is part three. And you'd likely want to toss in clips from the now-closed Adventurer's Club as well (I've seen a good thirty different clips on the Adventurer's Club performances, including this one which is my favorite).

In fact, think of an attraction or a ride at DisneyWorld or Disneyland, and I've seen some clip about it. There are down sides to Disney addiction. :)