Thursday, February 28, 2008

with designs upon ourselves to do no wrong


Touch the treasure if you dare!

Don't ask me. I have no idea why I have friends who summon me to cursed sarcophagi to risk the wrath of the mummified dead. But risk the wrath if you wish--you are then cursed with gems, adornments and bits of...mummified flesh. Hrm.

In other news, I finally decided to invest in another of Draconic Kiss' "Poe-lita" outfits. I started with "Annabel Lee", of course, because it's the bloodspattered one, and also, that's one of my favorite of his poems.

Since the gathered gentles went a bit...insane with tipping--not that I'm complaining!--during the Day of Music celebrating Caledon's two years on the grid (HUZZAH CALEDON!!), I felt I was allowed, and finally decided on "Tell-Tale Heart". (Though most of the unexpected largess? Is going to go into rent. Hee.)

I love the deconstructed-skirt look, I do. The "Tell-Tale" dress is cut very closely to the body, in tones of black, charcoal, and red, of course, but the skirt is essentially a deconstructed hoop frame over black bloomers. Quite scandalous in some settings.

But the hair in the advert, the hair wasn't one that Miss Lioncourt had designed. (I know, I looked). So I made bold to ask. She told me it was Refugee hair.

For the life of me, I could not track down Refugee yesterday, and finally gave up.

How'ver, today, Miss Neome ventures, might it be Refuge that was meant? And so it was. Took me a bit to track it down, but I do believe it is their "Chloe" hair.


This is the white version of "Chloe", I believe the same hairstyle as seen in the "Tell-Tale" advert at Draconic Kiss, on me in the Refuge main store. (Unedited--but it doesn't look *bad*, bad, and I did catch it and adjust it for later pics.)


And this is the "Chloe" in black, on me, in SiniStyle's main store. After editing for my head size, and position. Simple little tweak, hardly anything. It's a very sleek and flattering style.


This is another view. (If you haven't figured out, it's not the full "Tell-Tale"--it is the skin, though. The dress is Draconic Kiss' "Hana" EGL dress. And I finally at long last bought her arm and leg braces, so you can also see her lower arm braces on my arms.)

There was a moment of genuine, heart-striking fear--oh, no, not in the SiniStyle sim, no no. Yesterday morning, when I went to see if there was anything new I wanted to demo out in Cake:


Now, I realize, I'm not far from "newbie" status m'self, I haven't been on the grid two years yet. But if this is the future of newbies? I'm very, very scared.

This picture actually improves this fellow's general look--he actually, in person, has a much smaller head than this picture makes him look like he has.

And that's a Coca-Cola bear on his shoulder.

And the necklace? Blingtastic.

My Lord Stiv, save us...oh, right, you're busy learning LAW, I forgot. *rolls eyes*


Alexandra Rucker said...

dude.....wait, what?

Stiv? A LAWYER???


Talk about the fox and the henhouse... *falls over gigglesnerking*

Frau Lowey said...

Drat, another escaped experiment. I really ought to see if there is something in the lab that we can use as a repellant spray for those.

Emilly Orr said...

Alex: I know. The world is NOT ready for God, the Lawyer.

Frau Lowey: He' of...ours?


I had nothing to do with this! NOTHING!

Stiv Rych said...


Stiv Rych said...


Stiv Rych said...


Emilly Orr said...




Stiv Rych said...


Also, law is hard.
Legalese was difficult. I read a 64 page article entitled "Fuck" for an obsenity case. 42 pages were footnotes. That's 664 footnotes.

So I decided to plant false memories in people.

SHIT, I mean, I've actually been in psychology.

Emilly Orr said...

God the psychologist.

See, now that's scarier.