Monday, February 11, 2008

a scary conversation, shut my eyes, can't find the brake (part I)

((Honestly, I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically, or be somewhat offended. Though some of those names in the club sound familiar...))

So. It's taken some time to cull my pool of captured shots down to size. This may well end up one of several entries.

And perhaps that's only appropriate--it does commemorate Caledon's first inaugural Mardi Gras parade, after all!


(First shot taken, lining the floats up in Caledon Tanglewood.)

Having the start point in Tanglewood? Let's just say giant floats, many people, and lots of old-growth forest? Not the very best plan. :)


(Tanglewoods was too difficult to navigate in. Many of the floats relocated their start point to Caledon Eyre.)

Unfortunately, as we discovered, steering of our particular float was something of a challenge. Here, her Grace Gabi Riel leads her flagship skirt...into the lake.


(Into the briny deep we go!)

A lot of people, all they could rez in was the bright green. And even we admit, we had no idea what most of us were dancing on! But the theme of our float was "Carnivale: Rio Style" so it helps--despite the images--to keep firmly in mind that our float is a skirt. That our brave Duchess is wearing.

Now then.



We nearly lost Duke of Murdann, Otenth Paderborn, who was dancing at the end of the float. The back end kept sliding off the bank, deeper and deeper. (If you haven't seen him before, he's the fellow at the back in the elegant spiralled horns.)

(...okay, the elegant grey fellow. Really, he's not grey usually.)


(Carnivale, Rio SPAAACE)

I have only myself to blame for this. I'm so used to flipping in and out of limbo--honestly, it never occurred to me I could bring in a whole float! With other people, even!

Thankfully we escaped in one piece.


(Moments before disaster, the float moves along the thoroughfare of the next sim.)

Finally, we were out of Eyre and moving at a good clip through Caledon Regency! In the distance of this picture you can see Float Leader Iason Hassanov's elephant, boldly breaking the trail.


(Disaster in Wellsian.)

We turned a corner too sharply, readjusting, and--that quickly! The float slammed into the back of the next building!

(Mr. Fawkes Allen, pacing the float, was overheard to say "Do you realize how many laws of SL physics you're breaking??" [And no--I can honestly say, none of us knew!])

Here, we see the Duchess, Miss Eladrienne Laval, other fair damsel fleeing to safety. (I know, I know, I should have taken notes, but I was laughing too har--I mean, concentrating on dancing!)


(Repairs complete, our float returns to the road!)

It took some little time to repair the float, but we did, and our figurehead and guide climbed aboard once more. We were off!

((continued in part II))

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