Monday, February 25, 2008

and if I had one wish fulfilled tonight, I'd ask for the sun to never rise

This? Sounds like it's going to be grim.

And then I crashed, and I came back, and I could no longer see the conference, so I relogged, and I crashed on the way out...and when I came back--

[2:27] Fawkes Allen: Emi got sent elsewheres!
[2:27] Neome Graves: Problems, Emi?
[2:27] Neome Graves: Nuuu!
[2:27] Emilly Orr: Yiss
[2:27] Emilly Orr: Lemme figure this out
[2:28] Emilly Orr: The Lindens, in their infinite something, have sent me to....
[2:28] Emilly Orr: El Dorado.
[2:29] Neome Graves: .....
[2:29] Fawkes Allen smirks
[2:29] Fawkes Allen: Golden City!
[2:30] Neome Graves: The lost city of gold!
[2:30] Emilly Orr: It's right here
[2:30] Emilly Orr: It's not lost


[2:32] Fawkes Allen: Is there gold?
[2:33] Emilly Orr: I don't know
[2:33] Emilly Orr: But I'm staring at this carving on the stone that says, 'You've found El Dorado'
[2:33] Emilly Orr: And apparently textured vegetable protein
[2:33] Emilly Orr: So yay, at least I'll be able to eat
[2:33] Emilly Orr blinkblinks
[2:34] Neome Graves: o.O
[2:34] Emilly Orr: I'm SOOO going shopping at Sine Wave
[2:34] Neome Graves: That is just wrong.


I couldn't figure it out. So I thought, well, let's go to Sine, because we'd heard they had new dances in; because I was somewhat in a mood; because I was tired of being ported to strange places on the relog.


And boy, has Sine Wave grown. I may end up with Cover Girl (L$250), among many others, but...Adoration (L$300) was positively illegal:


There's no way I can dance this one in Caledon! I'd be...arrested! Or given a Scarlet Letter or something.

Guh, though...


How'ver, they're also trying to break into the pole-dancing market. And from what I saw? They're doing a damned good job.

And they now have some traditional Chinese dances:


This one is called "Butterfly Blade" and it retails for L$200. It's a very traditional fan dance. Lovely animations, smooth and liquid, and ideal for twin fans, though--as you can see--it can be done with one fan.

So, at some point, I need all the fan dances. And maybe Adoration. And then, not to go back to Sine Wave...

...until the next time they have new dances.

*hangs her head*

I'm a Sine Wave addict. It's so sad.


June Wozniak said...

We're getting together a bunch of Caledon chics to put on a tradition Chinese dance in?

Emilly Orr said...

I have a better Japanese shape/form selection than Chinese, I'd need help in that arena. But boy, do I have fans, and while again, more kimonos than anything else, I do have some non-Nipponese outfits that might work, or could shop for more.

Depending on where and when, I'm definitely interested.

Neome said...

That sounds way fun! Although I, like Emi, would need help putting together a good Chinese shape/look/form.

June Wozniak said...

Yay! I was going to invest in the set of danceballs, but putting together the appropriate outfits would require a little research. I think the point would be to demonstrate the dances with the balls, supplemented with music and information about each dance and historical background. I'll send out more info and we can all sit down and brainstorm. Yay for projects!

Darien Mason said...

Yes! Yay for...oh ...nevermind....

Alexandra Rucker said...

I will have to check those out.....and probably do some shopping myself. :)

Emilly Orr said...

Doctor, I'm *shocked*. :)

Alex: They do have some lovely new ones. But yes, the Chinese traditionals are something else, again. I'm definitely impressed.

Frau Lowey said...

Sine Wave is a better addiction, thay say... bling?

The Chinese dance troupe does sound intruiging, though my only non-Japanese Far Eastern wear is somewhat *cough* modern.

Emilly Orr said...

Oddly, the grid possesses a plethora of traditional kimono shops, and some (very) few non-Japanese shops for attire--most notably Vietnamese and Korean--but I'll be looking about for traditional Chinese, too, I think.