Saturday, July 1, 2017

I keep on having this dream inside the static

Today, we're starting with En VOGUE, which can be found on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

This is "Lorelay", a twin-tail braided style, shown with the over-the-ear hair wisps. The color's not named, but it's a rich crimson-y red from the Dark Colors hud.

"Netty", a low wrapped bun, in a darkish blonde from the Dark Blondes hud.

This is "Ramona", shown in a copper-penny tone from the Diversity colors hud.

And "Rosalinda", shown in a coppery scarlet from the Dark Reds hud.

Not shown: "Dianne", because the actual hair demo didn't unpack with the rest of the huds.

This is "Hotline" from #Foxy, shown in the copper-orange fade from their Natural Ombres hud. No, the cap does not detach, but it does come with eleven colors and fourteen different patches, or a no-patch option, so...if you like ballcaps and long hair, this is your thing?

This is "Vixen", shown in a dark auburn from the Reds hud.

Not shown: "Zeke". #Foxy can be found on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

This is Argrace's "Mikage", with attached towel. I'm showing it in a sort of ash-brown tone on the towel, and Red 5 from the hud included.

This is "Shimizu", and it is a very specific hair. But, it's also a hair I haven't seen anything for, so if you need a hair with shampoo bubbles and a built-in animation? Argrace has you covered. Shown in Blacks 4.

This is "Suiu", and I'm sensing a theme. Shown in the pink towel wrap, and Coppers 2.

And this is "Yakumo", a short, tousled style shown in Light Browns 1.

I'm not going to get through everything this year, either. I'm just going to pick and choose the ones I really want to try. You can see the rest of the styles in designer photos on the Hair Fair blog.

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