Sunday, July 2, 2017

in hope the tide will grant me stay

Today, we start with Bliensen & Maitai's "Balboa" turban style, shown in a bright orange-red tone from the Reds hud. The bottom of the hud comes with fifteen colors and two metals for the turban, and comes with built-in resizing options for the hair itself. Neat.

This is "Chained", in a gingery blonde from the Blonds hud. The inset image is the actual 'chain' for the style. The hud will tint it silver (shown) or gold.

And this is "Grimhild", with the battle-axe hairpins, in a brilliant scarlet. I'm pretty sure there's no way to change the metals on the hairpins, though. Sad.

You can find Bliensen & Maitai on Noirette.

This is "Cashew" shown in a strawberry-and-platinum ombre tone from the Variety hud.

This is "Hazelnut" in the deepest of reds from the Reds hud.

And this is "Almond" shown in a mid-tone from the Browns hud.

You can find Mithral Apothecary on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

This is LCKY's "Jaime", a short pixie cut, in peacock tones from the Neutral II hud. No alpha layer was included, so I'm not wearing one, and this style, at least on me, needs an alpha layer.

This is "Karrie", in several pink, wine and red tones from the Rose hud.

And this is "Zana", shown in a purple/lime overdye from the Acid hud.

You can find LCKY on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Ayashi's next, and this is "Akihiko", an improbably anime unisex style shown in a deep grape tone.

This is "Riya", and I think I want this one--it's a very long style with cat ears, shown here in a bright mauve tone, and keep in mind, the cat ears can be hidden if you don't want them.

And this is "Yuzu", a wavy high ponies style, in a deep teal with teal and pink bows. (The color hud for the bows doesn't work, but it will show you the variety of patterns/colors that the actual hair has.

You can find Ayashi on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

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