Sunday, July 2, 2017

and I walked a thousand miles to prove it

We're starting with Imeka, and their "Amelia" demo, shown here in a bright carrot from the Naturals hud.

This is "Babbs" with an attached headband (the lighter purple strip), shown in a deep purple from the Colors hud.

And this is "Mandy", shown in a black/red ombre from the Ombres hud.

You can find Imeka on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Next is Discord Designs, and this is "Flo", a dread updo style, shown in Discord Red with the included red hairbase.

Oh, I like this one. This is "London" in Discord Red, it comes with the bandana (which can be tinted thirty different ways on a separate hud).

And this is "Senay", and somehow, changing hairbases from the Discord Red to the black removed my lipstick. Woe!

It's shown in a really, really deep blue tone.

Discord Designs is on Noirette at the Hair Fair.

Dread ponies? This is Eliment's "Japan", shown in a black-to-light-brown ombre tone.

This is "Jasmine", shown in a basic bright red.

And this is "Lanna", shown in a wheat blonde tone.

You can find Eliment on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Next is Astrology, Alice Project's new brand, and this is "Amora" tinted in a dark brown with rainbow streaks from the Essentials hud.

This is "Heosu", in a black with mid-blue streaks from the Color Fun hud. No alpha layer was included, so I wasn't wearing one for this shot.

This is "Heosu II", shown in a red/purple ombre from the Dark hud. Tracked down an Alice Project alpha layer, didn't seem to help that much.

This is "Kirsten", in a platinum and teal ombre, from the Light hud. Still with the alpha layer.

And this is "Sabine", shown in a mid-ginger tone from the Medium hud. Took the alpha layer off again, no difference.

You can find Astrology on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

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