Sunday, July 2, 2017

it keeps on screaming for release

This is "Kasumi" from Ayame Ame, in tone 6 from the Brown/Red hud.

This is "Nejiri", using the provided hairbase to match tone 1 from the Blonde/Beige hud. Why don't they match?

This is "Tozashi", in the deep navy tone from the Essentials hud.

And this is "Tsugai", in the lime tone from the Nippon Colors I hud. I really like the braid-buns on this style, but I'm not crazy about the bowl-cut bangs, sadly.

You can find Ayame Ame on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

Next up, Mina, with "Emma", in tone 5 from the Reds hud.

This is "Fiona" in the third tone from the Dip Dye hud.

And this is "Luna" in the last tone from the Pastels hud.

You can find Mina also on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

This is Wasabi Pill's short flip "Camille". The attached bows come in sixteen solid colors and four patterns (two polka dots, two ginghams).

This is "Elle", in the third tone from Fireworks (the Roots menu). The attached hair bands come in sixteen different solid colors.

And this is "Sienna", in...I now forget, but it's a blended red/black tone from the Lunar hud. I think tone 3?

You can find Wasabi Pills on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

Lastly, Limerence, and their long, wavy style "Jess". This is in a sort of peachy light red tone from their All natural set hud.

This is "Kate", shown in a mid-blue tone from the Colour set hud.

And this is "Laila", shown in the ninth, brown-to-red-shift tone from the Ombre set hud. There aren't set colors for the hair bands, just an RGB picker, but it's pretty easy to use.

You can find Limerence on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

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