Wednesday, June 7, 2017

clear target in the summer when skies are blue

One must be careful how one struts, I suppose.
[14:09] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx struts his stiff
[14:09] Emilly Orr: Struts your stiff...what?
[14:09] Emilly Orr: Inquiring minds and all that.
Yes. They truly do want to know.
[14:09] hxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Gxxxxxxx] Gorgeous!
[14:09] Txxxx Rxxxxxxxxx covers her eyes! "I don't want to know what's stiff!"
True, that's one of those unsafe-to-answer questions in SL, depending.
[14:09] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0
[14:09] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: no comment!
[14:09] Emilly Orr: You started it!
[14:10] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: stuff stuff
[14:10] hxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well he IS gorgeous
[14:10] Emilly Orr: Suuuure.
Yes, I'm suuure that's what he meant to type.
[14:10] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: curse you talons and keyboard
Well, to be fair, that can be a problem also.
[14:10] Emilly Orr: You say that NOW...
[14:10] Mxxxxxxxxx Fxxx: A pencil.
[14:10] Bxxx Txxxxxx: lol
[14:10] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: heee
[14:10] Txxxx Rxxxxxxxxx peeks out between her fingers and sighs relief
That it's not stiff, or that it's not there? Or...that it's a pencil??
[14:10] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now that I woke everyone up .... ehehe
[14:11] hxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nice dragon here is a big cookie
[14:12] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: delicately anf gratefully accepts said cookie ad proceeds to nom it grciously
Talons confirmed. Or [Gxx] can't spell. Could be 60/40, talons.
14:13] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: pfft
[14:13] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Gxx] showin off?
[14:14] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nuuuuu
[14:14] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh
[14:14] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx never does thaaaat.
[14:14] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: isnt he normally?
Since I've known him at least.
[14:14] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are gorgeous and yes you make all us ladies swoon lol
[14:14] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: buuuut
[14:14] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am shocked at such baseless and accurate comments
[14:14] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I mean in accurte
[14:14] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Your ego is larger than life *giggles*
Well, so is he, so...would that make it just a him-sized ego, after all?
[14:14] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: All you people can't you see can't you see
[14:15] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: how your love's affecting our reality...everytime we're can make it right
This sounded familiar, and I'm ashamed that my semi-secret bubblegum-pop heart didn't immediately identify this. It's Backstreet Boys, Larger than Life.
[14:15] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: cant you see, what that dragon, been doing to me
[14:15] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well to be fair as a dragon I am larger than most ... so shouldn't me ego be size appropriate?
[14:15] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: annnnnd that makes you larger than liiiiiife yeaaaaah
[14:15] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx chuckles
[14:15] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I suppose [Gxx] I suppose
[14:15] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wait wut
Yeah, kind of with the freakin' big dragon-type. What?
[14:15] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: Size is relative, that's what the Men in Black movies taught us
[14:16] Mxxxxxxxxx Fxxx: The needle may sting, but it's still just a needle.
[14:17] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: yeah but with the right drug or combination of nanites, needles can do wonders
[14:17] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmmm...if only there were a way to use a throng of adoring fans to some purpose ... hmmmm
[14:17] Emilly Orr: Wait, we went from pencils to needles...are we still talking about [Gxx]?
Because to be fair, that is kind of a diameter switch...
[14:17] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: I think someone needs to knock you down a peg
Why? He means no harm by it, the group at large plays into it willingly, no one's getting, why?
[14:18] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well, to your purpose ..of course there is!!
[14:18] Mxxxxxxxxx Fxxx: Pegs?
[14:18] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Selling that adorably awesome plushie you are talking about!
[14:19] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: knock me down a peg? why would anyone want to do something so inconceivable
[14:19] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: because it's easy
Damn, the bitchy side of the Force is showing.
[14:19] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OH [Gxx] your glorious light shines and all the girls swoon ...
Well, that's going a tad far...
[14:19] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx hopefully awaits her [Gxx] plushy
[14:19] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: puts a forearm to my forehead .. I am cut to the core ...wounded deep in my soul
[14:19] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: um, [mxxxxxx], youre not helping
[14:20] Emilly Orr: It's likely the needles.
[14:20] Rxxx Dxxxx: or cacti
[14:20] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: I actually have no clue who [Gxx] is, I have vague memories but nothing permanent....besides, he's still young...only a 4 year old kind of forgettable
Wait. Four years in world isn't four months; that's a bit of time expended, getting to know the way the grid operates, learning what goes and what doesn't here, figuring out who we are in this virtual space and what we want to be. Four years, that's not nothing. She seems to be so dismissive with this statement.
[14:20] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx giggles again shaking her head
[14:20] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Its always nice once in tell someone how awesome they are.
[14:20] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is quality not quantity dearie
[14:20] Rxxx Dxxxx: quantity here with [hxxxxxxx]
[14:21] Rxxx Dxxxx: take that anyway you like
[14:21] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: yeah and I've heard nothing but the circle jerk in here about your "quality" so they're obviously biased
Okay, seriously, whose bed did she fall out of this morning, and what the hell happened on the way down? She's being vile and vituperative for no cause I can understand.
[14:21] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bwahahaha
[14:21] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or simply espouse good taste
[14:22] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: I didn't know train wrecks had a flavor
[14:22] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: lol
Now you do. (Actually, this is the chat that I took that comment from, because that's just so on-target for this blog.)
[14:22] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now now envy is not a pretty color on you :P
[14:23] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: Blue is a damn good color on me
Wait, envy's not blue, though, is it? Envy's green, I thought.
[14:23] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: Envy only counts if you have something I desire and I've gotten along just fine for this long without ever having to visit your store or message you
DAMN, girl, lock it DOWN already. Stop poking the man, it's becoming obsessive.
[14:24] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: just another bloated ego in a sea of maniacs
[14:24] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my someone is grumpy today
Stone-the-crows-at-home truth, there. VERY grumpy.
[14:24] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well
[14:24] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: I win :D
How do you figure any of your sniping is a win?
[14:24] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Sxxxxx] YOU ARE LOVELY AS WELL
[14:25] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think we all have something someone wants
[14:25] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: except for me....*sobs* jkjk
[14:25] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you won nothing but being sad and rather unpleasant but since I do not care about you it does not affect me one one way or the other
I really can't blame him for sniping back, in all fairness.
[14:26] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so....
[14:26] Emilly Orr: Wait, [Gxx] has a store? How did I not know this?
[14:26] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyone excited for next years fair
[14:26] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx clears her throat
At this point [Gxxxxxxx] sent me a store link on MP, which was kind of him. He has some fun things. But then...
[14:26] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: no one is just "lovely" people are ugly and beautiful in unequal amounts, saying that anyone is lovely is a lie, telling them they have the potential to be beautiful if they work hard and actually TRY to do so is someone a baseless pretty lie is someone a shot at their potential using what they have on hand and what they can do...that's called hope
[14:26] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a small one .. I am not a great content creator by any means that I admit
[14:26] Emilly Orr: So you don't believe in hope?
Yeah, I went there, because at this point I'd pulled her profile, and while she's not the worst person I've run across in SL, she's pretty out there. For a 'beacon of hope' she is a bitter, spiteful, vicious little ball of rage. I'm mystified.
[14:27] Åxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol Interesting convo here and ooooo what next fair, [Mxxxxxx]?
[14:27] Sxxxx Txxxxxxx: I'm one of the last Blue Lanterns still operating in SL, I espouse hope
Which frankly, I disbelieve entirely. Not that she's a Blue Lantern; I'm quite sure she is. But that she espouses hope; with that level of bitter spitefulness and virulent jealousy, I'm not sure that she's capable of hope.
[14:27] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The fantasy fair
[14:27] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and i meant your look...[Sxxxxx]
[14:27] Gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She is already looking forward to next year
[14:27] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I try to stay positive here on sl since it is where i try to stay positive
[14:28] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and leave all the bs out in the real world
Ideally, we all should. Pity the Blue Lantern in our midst couldn't manage to do that.

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