Saturday, June 10, 2017

night was dark, but the sky was blue

Something strange is afoot in Gearhaven...again.

The scattered legions gather, remnants of older, greater nations, or nations forgotten from other realms, or even nations forgotten from this one. Why are they here? What do they intend? And who built the strange dark tower in the midst of Gearhaven?

Is that platform supporting a...cannon? For what reason? Does it have any connection to the mining now excavating Gearhaven underneath, or does it have a...darker intention?

That is not a cannon. I'm not even sure it's a Gatling gun. Is it a...mining laser? I've only ever seen a few, and those have all been cavorite-powered. Still, rich deposits of cavorite have been found in Gearhaven, so...perhaps it was built locally, not...imported?

All I know is, there is a great deal happening in Gearhaven of late, and no real clue as to what it is, or what's been found. I am both intrigued...and perturbed.

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