Tuesday, November 8, 2016

a few tiny pins and some crazy glue

(Continued from part one.)

The builds are great for this one, by the way. There's some prim flickering in some of the scenes, which--combined with the high, headache-inducing static bursts now and again--are fairly annoying, but they're few and far between. Mostly, the textures are pretty realistic, they feel like real places, and it's easy to feel real immersion.

There's some really odd art in some of the motel rooms.

Putting the story together from the fragments we're given is always something of a challenge with Pulse haunts, because some years the stories are strong, some years they aren't. This year the writers wandered a lot to reach their points, so there are definite times the storyline flounders. It's not impossible to arrange it into at least a loose structure, but it's kind of like they wanted to tell three different stories, and didn't link them cohesively.

The farmhouse is excessively creepy, though. Before the farmhouse, it's a standard conspiracy theorist's wet dream, but what happens in the farmhouse turns it towards dark Americana, Outcast II style.

I love the cross-stitch work on the upper floor of the farmhouse.

Past this point, things get really strange, so I won't spoil them. And warnings for those who want them: there is gore. It's not frequent, but it's intense when it happens. There are also high-pitched noises that made my friends and I flinch repeatedly and beg for the noises to stop. But overall, I think it's a worthy haunt.

NOWHERE will continue until November 20th; you can pick up the HUD and the instructions here to start playing. It's more disjointed than in previous years, and some of the prize hiding spots are wicked challenging, but it's mostly worth the time you'll spend wondering who some of the named folks are in the storyline, and how you ended up in an sf/horror movie in the first place.

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