Monday, November 7, 2016

get you some bees and a diode or two

When I first heard about NOWHERE, the yearly haunt event from SN@TCH and Pulse, I was very excited. friends weren't exactly as thrilled, because of the L$50 price tag for the HUD. I bought the HUD, they didn't, and we waited for tonight, when the haunt would finally go free.

I wasn't planning on taking pictures, but this stopped me in my tracks. Old man sitting at a gas station, blathering some truly insane things to passersby...but there's something very wrong with his eyes.

I took a closer look, while he muttered about lights in the sky, and how he didn't trust us enough to loan us his truck, and how we better just mosey on up the road a pace to the motel. Is that...his entire skin texture over his eyes?

How does that even happen??

I had to go closer still. Yep, that was what was going on. His eyes behind his entire skin and outfit painted over the "front" corneas? Green. Too surreal.

(Continued in part two.)

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