Tuesday, November 29, 2016

look for me in the white forest


And I'm so very, very unsure about whether I'm ready...

My celebratory holiday mood this year is, shall we say, slow to join in.

So, how I see things playing out from here...

I won't lie, my ethics, my indignation, my fierce desire for justice and redemption want to be heard here, as elsewhere. But that would also alter the original (if vague) purpose of the blog. And thus, we find ourselves with The Compromise.

If you want to tune in to a ton of political retweets, mini-rants, offbeat media, and emergency kittens--your next destination is my Twitter feed.

If you want random pretty things, political and social commentary, reblogs of amusing things, scantily clad damsels, recipes, art, music, and insanity, you'll want to check out my Tumblr. (It still comes with the NSFW codicil.)

On the other hand, if you want a minimum of political chatter, and instead want random Second Life coverage, storms of links to emergent technology, scientific and steampunk mentions, fashion, hair, games and virtual worlds...then keep reading. I'll do my best to keep the ranting against the Squash Monster to a minimum.

I'm not bothering to actively link my Tumblr or Twitter feeds, because they've been linked for years in the sidebar, towards the bottom.

We're all doing the best we can. We'll get by as well as we can. We will rise and we will fight in all the ways that we can--through music, through art, through words on the screen and actions in virtual worlds, as we can. And between the battles and the revolutions, there will be tea and crumpets, love and play, fantastically odd adventures, and the mundane necessities of survival.

"And here...we...go--"

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