Saturday, February 8, 2014

it's funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And we're back with more nonsensical religious debate from an online game! (You can read the first part here.)

[Zone] Sven@nhlong95: i dont like religions in general
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: religion is a nessessary thing
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Judging by the local dominant religion... religion isn't very good at teaching you stuff you'd otherwise learn the hard way.
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: the only problem is that religion has so many KILL ON SIGHT fkking bs its impossible to take seriously
[Zone] Elspeth@firerose77: well, if christianity is the right relegion... isn't god supposed to love us all, no matter what? wasn't that one of the tennets?
[Zone] Lucifer@htoratsa: What? religions a necessary thing are you crazy
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Too many wars have been fought in the name of one religion or another. I look at it this way, if a god/s has had people kill in their name, I want nothing to do with them.
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: the idea of religion is to create serentiy
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: lose site? of what? killing in the name of? #%^) that
[Zone] Thundermoose@thundermoose54: I don't mind religions in general...I just don't like what people do in the name of religion

To abuse the pun....amen. Also, the spelling errors are killing brain parts to leave in, but that IS how things sent across the chat originally, so...

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: serenity fool

True. I do try to hold in mind that a lot of folks are typing rushed in between battles. I try to understand, save where folks are already stomping on my nerves.

[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: god only likes christians...

Folks like Maligo Libens. Maligo, you suck.

[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: all you other people should be shot

Maligo, you suck a lot.

[Zone] Buttercup@garygetsum1: sigh, and chat looked so promising for a while.....

I know, right?

[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Killing (&|#@ sounds like an action of love- loving genocide that is
[Zone] Maldrek@vvcephei767: the idea of religion was originally to explain that which couldn't be explained
[Zone] Elspeth@firerose77: see what I love about christianity is how much it willfuly contradicts itself :D
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Agreed Thundermoose! Believe what you want but don't harm or harass others about it
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: the idea of religion was control and fear
[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: AMA i am an atheist
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: militant athiest, ty
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: seriously. people like you dont deserve gods gifts.

I've mentioned the utter jerklife aspect of Maligo, right? The gigantic walking trollness of his every ridiculous expression?

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: im not even religious but i can tell u guys miss the point
[Zone] Chifond@gwbukanalay: i was interested in the last talk about brain implants but now religions? -_-
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: naaaaah, not contradictions, just... confusing things that don't make any sense because they contrad- I mean, are complicated.
[Zone] Maldrek@vvcephei767: religion is certainly used to control people, but that isn'&&!@* only use, religion is complicated
[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: yeah, back to cybernetics and neuroscience!

Yeah! Because that was awesome and fun, and I wish I'd captured more of it!

[Zone] Elspeth@firerose77: I have nothing agaisnt spirituality, only against people who think they understand it best and their way is the only way
[Zone] Lucifer@htoratsa: if god exist is the worst son of (#*|@ of the universe
[Zone] Buttercup@garygetsum1: ...there are only 2 truths any of you need to know....Soylent fawn is people and Winterkill emblems cause global warming.....

Oy, more fawn puns...make it STOP......

[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Is believing in a collective energy technically consitered religion or simple a belief? That's one thing that's always got me confused XD
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: zeitgeist is false information lol what happened to the america "merging to mexico"
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Sure thing Maldrek- religions also give you a nice way to have a sort of community club like you might have at a community center, except for people that wouldn't pay tax dollars to build one of those
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: !@%!&(@ retarded propoganda
[Zone] Kittens@gnuggly2: do conservative puratins pray to gosh?
[Zone] Maldrek@vvcephei767: arguing about religion is generally pointless, you either believe or you don't

Pretty much. And if you believe, and you're willing to argue (as opposed to reasonably debate), then you're either a very angry person lashing out, or you already know what you believe is the absolute truth, and you'd rather bash people with your beliefs than communicate and listen to other people.

[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Mostly because I believe in a collective energy, not a god, but it is hell to explain that to people
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Lumens, that's always the first thing you have to do in any serious discussion of such a nature. Sit down and define your terms. It can take quite a while.
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: To be a religion, it has to be somewhat organized. What you have is a belief, Techition.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: i cant wait till you peoepl die

I'm sure. Suck fire, Maligo. Seriously, there are better things to do with your life.

Part three soon.

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