Friday, February 7, 2014

why do I deny the heart that’s grown colder?

Scenes from a Chat: sexism, racism and homophobia edition. But first, this public announcement for literacy:

[Zone] Nicci Moonshadow@krimz525: books are stupid, I only read audio books anyways
[Zone] Tyranthael@devillocks: lol @ "reading" audiobooks
[Zone] Splender@yessally: how do you read an audio book stupid stfu
[Zone] Zanarkand Myrahel@ducktape016: i read e-books now

The internet generation, folks!

*coughs* We move on.

[Zone] Zanarkand Myrahel@ducktape016: don't fish in this game.
[Zone] Zanarkand Myrahel@ducktape016: that's the lesson i learned

Me too. If Neverwinter never brings back the fishing mini-game, I will be so happy.

And then, things went downhill:

[Zone] Kitten IceyRayne@avengingangel93: If I had a girl guys would never leave me alone.
[Zone] Alex'Gabriel@alexgabriel23: i heard girls are a rare myth
[Zone] Blunder Thud@drartwhodent: cheaper to rent them Alex
[Zone] Alex'Gabriel@alexgabriel23: ur right if u get boored of them u need to pass them over and try new girls!
[Zone] BustyVampSlayer@outlawz111: alex i officialy dont like you now
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: the gf contract is a trap - only worth if u actually buy a girl
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: who wont compalin
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: ask for presents
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: and makes u take her to fancy restaurant
[Zone] magiofchaos@magiofchaos: as long as she puts out who cares
[Zone] Moon@spotmeenigma: we will never know if you are a girl your self??
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Sounds like you're looking for a &%# doll, not a femme. :p
[Zone] Nataria@lady_phoenix: Sure you can. Party with them and use voice chat.
[Zone] Carolinea@carolineas: Always makes me laugh when you say you are a girl and the first response is "Prove it".. you never fail guys ;)

Seriously. Also, welcome to casual sexism, I've seen it in every single damn game I've ever played, including multiplayer Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, where unless one downloads special skins, there are no female models...

[Zone] Bruce@aussiedoug: I could say I'm a girl, then get my wife on the mic...
[Zone] magiofchaos@magiofchaos: keep in mind... alot of the boys here have been fooled buy other boys into a suto #^&/| relationship

I think they mean "pseudo", but as I have my profanity filters on in Neverwinter, no idea what the second term was.

[Zone] Nataria@lady_phoenix: i could say i'm a woman and then get my Husband on the mic to freak people out. (He has a deep, booming voice.)
[Zone] Moon@spotmeenigma: well iam not after girls iam after a women

Good luck with that, Moon. Write when you find one willing to put up with you.

[Zone] magiofchaos@magiofchaos: hard for that to happen when your actually with someone who lives in your home :)

Did I mention I really don't like magicofchaos? Not only that, but that is only an impediment if you're in a monogamous relationship--and if you're in a monogamous relationship, and you're complaining, then obviously your fix is to talk to your partner and communicate, not bitch that you're not getting enough in a game.

[Zone] Dzaileen@dzaileen: Dibbuk, you don't have to prove anything. Most guys just refuse that some girls can be playing mmo.

Unfortunately true.

[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: moon woman are way more expensive
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: u should look for a girl

Starting not to like Cauim much, either.

[Zone] Kitten IceyRayne@avengingangel93: I'm a woman playing an MMO, who cares?
[Zone] Dzaileen@dzaileen: And they only have two cliche´s: either we are top model, either we are obese... i'ts just ..the way it is.
[Zone] Gwendle@celticvengence: I always just pretend people are what their characters are, not like I'm going to get with them in r/l anyway
[Zone] Azzukar@sporkwrangler: i paid my gf to fish for me last night xD
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: its like a free slave
[Zone] Carolinea@carolineas: I know many girls playing mmo's actually, and all of them are normal (in their special way hehe)
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: what do u call normal?
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: a girl with a pee pee, is normal for u?

Cauim, two things. First, if you're talking transsexual women, that's called a birth defect, you imbecile. Second, how old are you? You're after a date--online, no less--and you can't come out and simply say "penis"? Why the hell not??

[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Why wouldn't a femme like to play games? I always think it's strange when someone says it's unpossible.
[Zone] Cauim@gabrielriva: im just asking to see her boundaries lol...

What "boundaries" could you possibly be establishing by comparing all women to slaves, and all female gamers to "girls with pee pees", to use your parlance? That your potential date pool must have zero self respect, and possible the same level of intelligence? These are good qualities for you?

Admittedly, my conversation drifted at that point--understand, this entire conversation occurred back when the Winter Festival in Neverwinter was still ongoing--and when I came back, the conversation had shifted from emotional impairments and sexism to vision and--strangely--religion:

[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: I can hear a lot of things most don't, but I normally blame it on my vision being so bad thus my hearing trying to compensate
[Zone] Anub'arak@strollingtroll: lumen, try going to an eye specialist
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Did Anub'arak, nothing they can do, genetic issue, I'll end up totally blind in a few years sadly
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: On the plus side, cybernetic eyes are a real possibility now.
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: But hey, Imma use the hell out my remaining vision til that point
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: god probly thought u deserved to be blind

The hell, Maligo.

[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Some say "Oh it must be awful only seeing three feet!" I tell them that's what life hit me with and I'm gonna find a way
[Zone] Nacht@erithedark: god probably thought u deserved to be healed from the blindeness, else he wouldnt have given the possibility to heal it
[Zone] Lucifess@luciferuk666: there is no god u (^$^
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: I will say one thing though, as my vision has started to fade I have rediscovered so much in this world that was right there the whole time but I never paid mind to.

Yes, yes, you're a broken record already. Lucifess is one more comment from joining my ignore list.

[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: there is no god. only man,

...and? No god, only man, comma, and...what else? WHAT ELSE?!?

[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: aaan thats why god HATES you people
[Zone] Kittens@gnuggly2: your just mad, cuz its a girl
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Of course Lucifess, everyone knows that. You're just trying to get attention.
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: freedom of choice let those believe what they wish lawl
[Zone] Elspeth@firerose77: which god though? christian god, one of the pagan gods?
[Zone] Elspeth@firerose77: I mean, you have to be specific here

*snickers* To be fair...

[Zone] Christa Shadowbane@mrgraveshadow: to some the Bibles is God so in one way yes there is a God
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: part of being "awake" is respecting others choices and lives
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Brains are weird. :p
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: XD Or one of the collective energies which is a god but not. . .soooo many variables
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Depends on what you mean by respect
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: religion is there to teach u things u might learn the hardway
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: christianty is the right religion. i cant beleive them muslims and jews

Reading back over this, I may well put Maligo on my ignore list, too, just for saying that.

[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: brains are REALLY weird and the way we use them is even weirder
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: kill em all i say

What, everyone who doesn't believe the same bigoted, shortsighted way you do? Be an awfully barren world at that point, Maligo.

More coming soon.

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