Sunday, February 9, 2014

let the storm rage on

And part three of Jousting With Maligo! (Parts I and II, in case you're curious.) Here we go:

[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: I view religion more like masturbation. You shouldn't do it in public or in front of children.
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Well, Maligo, you're going to have to wait. Though you seem to have a rather bloodthirsty attitude.
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: True point, I will say though, it has turned into some interesting convos, both spiritual and science, when I try to explain my beliefs XD
[Zone] Daelan Red Tiger@Ethrendur: I don't get this event. This fishing is lame. It isn't fawn at all.

*groans at even more fawn puns* Though I agree about how painful fishing was during the festival. If there's one mini-game from Neverwinter I never want to see again? That's the one.

[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: I'm mostly agnostic Techition. I just don't really care. There's far more inportant things to deal with in life. ;)
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: After describing my beliefs at length, I've had atheists tell me I'm an atheist and theists tell me I'm a theist. I just am what I am. No big deal. :p
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: nothing is special about being athiest
[Zone] Christa Shadowbane@mrgraveshadow: Mother is the name of God to there children

I believe Christa was thinking of this moment from The Crow, but it's still a small, pertinent point in this entire debacle. On one side of things, we have the embittered rejectors of religion and all its artifacts; on another, we have Maligo, the malignant spouter of hate and violence in the name of faith. Christa makes the point that religion should be personal, and should be a token of tolerance and understanding, of care and disciplined love. I'd agree with that, overall.

[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: what we should be focusing on is contributing to the human race
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: Yah, I really don't understand why people make sure a big deal about it.
[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: I'm apatheist. I don't care. It has no effect on me.

I admit, while I consider myself firmly in the theist camp, I like this.

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: if u think ur special than ur as bad as chistians
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: secular humanism FTW
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Funny thing is a few years back around here if you described agnosticism people would call it satanism.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: god hates you people


[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: CONTRADICTION god hates ppl??
[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: thought he was loving and forgiving
[Zone] Sven@nhlong95: dont be so butthurt Maligo Libens

At this point I admit, the name struck me anew. I knew the structure, so I looked it up. It is, as suspected, Latin, and stands for "I do evil with pleasure" or "I do evil willingly". So yet again, we have somone whose chosen name represents gleeful malignancy; why, exactly, is this yahoo preaching to us??

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: lets discuss religion like our opinions matterr :D
[Zone] Eudaimon@Mereologist: Depends on which god you're talking about. That's why you always have to be clear about these things. Some gods get upset pretty easily. :p
[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: I worship the space wizards that power the cloud
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: flying spaghetti monster

All hail his noodly appendages.

[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: believe what you want to believe, but dont try to convince me
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Will say one thing, it is nice to see this religion convo remain civil, don't see that often.

Well, save for Maligo...And occasionally Domino.

[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Well from the perspective of a believer it's pretty easy to make statements about God- A: Does this sound warm and fuzzy? B: Does this sound responsible? C: Is this exactly something I heard my pastor
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: say recently?
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: sickening

Why? All Lerissa was saying was to guard their words with a little self-control. Is this a good, responsible statement about God? Is this something the pastor of my church would say about God? Does this reveal God in a positive light to those with whom I'm speaking?

Unless you're Maligo, who's leaning on that "you're all going to Hell you filthy sinners" button awfully hard, these aren't bad questions to keep in mind when discussing any religious faith.

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: religion's stories teach u things humans in the past suffered with

Or learned from.

[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: it preaches good values, but you dont need to believe in that type of god or deity to have those values
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: its a lesson to learn from and its our culture as humans
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: cant deny it
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: i cant wait till people with your isgusting deviant lifestyles are killed

That's "disgusting", and you're still a troll, Maligo.

[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: maligo what religion do you believe in?

I believe this was the second time the question had been asked; Maligo declined to answer both times.

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: i cant wait till those humans which are so prude to judge others die from being lonely
[Zone] Christa Shadowbane@mrgraveshadow: the way the world is going I'm starting to think God is a pc since we all seem to need them and worship them

To be fair, "God the Machine" has been proposed before, in just about every form of media imaginable. It's not that unreasonable an idea, either, especially if you see the universe in more clockwork terms. In fact, the Freemasons' faith in God as Architect stands out here, in a similar vein (at least to me).

[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: I can't wait till your disgusting attitude goes away after puberty
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: I kinda look at it (Due to my belief) as everything we put forth becomes a part of the collective energy, so we best make sure the energy we create is something we want to remain for all time.
[Zone] Daisy@polofiesta11: Maligo Libens, whats your religion

An, no, this was the second time it was asked. Yet, still unanswered.

[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: classic religious "I cant wait til you die, but love everything"
[Zone] RetardStronk@retardstronk: @maligno Spoken like a true virgin
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: IKR? he sounds like such a prude
[Zone] Chali@jaynem: Most religions "borrow" from previous ones, just change a few things and call it "New"
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: I should make my own religion. That's where the money is.
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: With blackjack and hookers!
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: In fact, forget the religion.

So just the blackjack and hookers, then?

[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: disgusting. at my church, we would take you into the back room and beat you
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: Church of Jesus Christ of battered day saints.
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: your church sounds more like a cult
[Zone] Beelzebuck@beelzebuck666: youre part of the plague Maligo.. not the way
[Zone] Aryanna Trefonnen@yaszmina: church beatings? sounds like that's not a church i'd want to attend

Weirdly, Maligo's starting to sound like he's part of Westboro Baptist.

[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: your deviant lifestyles are sick. you are the same as murderers and rapists.
[Zone] Lerissa Fiendline@Zorkubou: Right back at you Maligo.

Seriously. And what, exactly, are our "deviant lifestyles"? Maligo's not defining that term. I wish he'd stop flinging it about, but as previously established...Maligo's extraordinarily prejudiced and closed-minded.

Whatever our "deviant lifestyles" are--and, as demonstrated by this section of the conversation, there's been little open talk of homosexuality/bisexuality/lesbianism, but much conversation about Zionists, open minds, and multiple forms of faith...apparently these qualities are enough to equate us to people who kill and rape. Good going, Maligo--piss off everyone in main chat, why don't you?

[Zone] RetardStronk@retardstronk: maligo every time you talk you kill my brain cells... plz stop
[Zone] Kittens@gnuggly2: he cant be serious
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: You haven't put him on ignore yet?
[Zone] Aryanna Trefonnen@yaszmina: Such need anger management
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: not sure if troll or complete moron

Maligo can't be both?

[Zone] Jesus H. Christ@AeturnusMadidus: Can't we all just get along?

Oh, the irony.

[Zone] Aryanna Trefonnen@yaszmina: I'm opting for the complete moron, Skyly
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: I'm betting complete moron Skyly. . .I've heard some of the bible thumpers in person and some sound like that.
[Zone] Winothor@winothorslice: The universe was created HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO by GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.
[Zone] Gideon@thefretman: I don't care what you all believe, but you who just make up total lies and nonsense because you don't like religion are just sad.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: god tests all of us. you need to make the choice to follow his light. its like the gays, chose to be straight. follow gods laws because hell is worse than any jail

And I say again: Shut the hell up, Maligo. Oh, and remember my comment above? While there had been no direct references to gay ideals, here Maligo is, bringing it up. So now those who hold tolerance for other religions, believers in the Great Zionist Conspiracy (whatever that is), other Christians, gamblers, patrons of buyable beauties--in addition to everyone who finds it diverting and fun to play an online fantasy game--hold the same value as murderers and rapists, and we all deserve to go to hell. Conflation, thy name is Maligo Libens.

[Zone] Aryanna Trefonnen@yaszmina: Gotta love people who think they can speak for God.
[Zone] Aryanna Trefonnen@yaszmina: If you respect God so much, Maligo, who don't you capitalize His name?


[Zone] Irrdra Myduis@Ereldina: You DO realise that wearing any clothing made of MIXED TEXTILES OR SYNTHETIC CLOTH IS A SIN TOO...
[Zone] Irrdra Myduis@Ereldina: It is the SAME !$***%$%*!^(# CHAPTER
[Zone] Neomiel Nightbane@Neo-Gabi: And shellfish. Shellfish is a sin.
[Zone] Irrdra Myduis@Ereldina: So before you start quoting the bible, check your closet

Beautifully put, everyone. And accurate, also.

[Zone] Gideon@thefretman: Most of you should really just not talk about serious subjects till you grow the hell up.

Another decent point.

[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: If you can't make fun of a subject you don't deserve to discuss it seriously.
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: There's a metric $^(* ton of things in the bible that people fail to mention because they don't want to follow it.
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: but gays are bad, mmm'kay?
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: he says they should be put to death unless they chose to be normal

No. God. Does. Not. You. Stunted. TROLL.

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: i beleive anyone who is bothered by homosexuals are just jelly
[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: the true secret to living a content life is not giving a %()@ what others think
[Zone] Lysahria Aleandlues@nafrelbug: Sesquipedalianism is the verbal shield of pussilanimous eremites, hence we must eschew esoteric obfuscation and, thereby, obviate our opprobrium.
[Zone] Valna@Ereldina: Well, you're suppose to be stoned to death if you wear mixed textiles Maligo, so ....
[Zone] Valna@Ereldina: Before you start quoting your book at me, you better be following the rest of the teachings not just picking and choosing.
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Know what I do love though? Christians who don't take themselves too serious and will talk religion without jamming it down your throat. Wanna hug those types.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: so ur saying u want to be tortured for eternity?

Wau, you're really obsessing on this hell thing. Which, by the way, didn't exist until around the sixth century, anyway, and was a far later revision to the Bible; before that, all concepts of Hell from Judaic or Christian faiths were intended to indicate temporary places of suffering or obviation.

[Zone] Thundermoose@thundermoose54: I was raised "christian" and my boss is Muslim...we discuss the differences and similarities quite often. there are more similarities than most people are willing to realize
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: I love how he doesn't actually address all of the parts he doesn't live up to.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: just sickening,
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: Yes, you are just sickening, hypocrite.

*points up at that one* And yet, for all this he's called this chat and the people in it "sickening" and "disgusting", and told all of us we should be beaten to death...he's still reading along. Hypocritical, indeed.

[Zone] Kittens@gnuggly2: faith can be a wonderful thing, but a good sense of logic is required
[Zone] Skyly@mvffin1: Things I hate: 1.Haters. 2.Hypocrites. 3.Lists
[Zone] Soulenai@firerose77: why would you hate lists :( they are so helpful
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: in that order?
[Zone] Erdanen Wolfsbane@seromac: you forgot Irony
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: you people shouldnt be here. children shouldnt be exposed to witchcraft.


I mean, seriously--forget the whole translation of his name thing (oh, and the fact that "Maligo Libans" is also a mini-boss--a nectromancer mini-boss--in Guild Wars, too--his whole name is just confusing as the hell he wants us all banished to.

[Zone] Kattie Pumneh@mrspuma: I believe in cute kittens. They have power. Power to make me do whatever they want me to do.
[Zone] Talia Hellbender@demonhunter919: I remember when it was preached about on a regular basis. I believe in God the Father, and I believe the Bible. What I don't subscribe to is organized religion.
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: But is it alright if I expose myself to witchcraft? I mean, I'm already naked under this trenchcoat.
[Zone] Kierman@kulgarun: Those people who come knocking on your doors asking if you have read the Bible.. tell them Yes! It was a god story, shame he died in the end.. and watch their faces.
[Zone] Talia Hellbender@demonhunter919: If the Bible doesn't say it is a sin, then it isn't. Playing a game where you roll some dice or something like that isn't a sin.
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: any of u fools know what zionist is? zionist is the end of humanity

Domino was really starting to get on my last nerves, too.

[Zone] RetardStronk@retardstronk: thanks to maligo my last 9 braincells are holding hands an singing kumbiya
[Zone] HariNgDuga@ArchonHND: I remember one time I asked God for a Train; never came - But Santa delivered. Just took a while
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: Have YOU been touched by His Noodly Appendage?
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: the problem with mosst-if not all-religion is that theyre all fatalist. they exist for the end times and forget the current times.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: let god in

Why, because YOU say so?

[Zone] Tegar@rhomwithaview: those doorknockers, tell them you're a catholic. they don't like to tangle with cults bigger than their own
[Zone] Talia Hellbender@demonhunter919: If you actually read the Bible, it doesn't tell us to judge each other. In fact it says "Judge not lest ye be judged" God said the greatest commandment is "Love your neighbor as yourself."
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: most of u dont even kno what zionist is
[Zone] Techition Lumens@TechitionCatalyst: Last time I opened the door with a bloodstain apron and bloody butcher knife and asked them if they wanted to join me for the sacrifice (I was actually cooking pork ribs) they haven't come by again.
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: I have SEEN the One True Collander!
[Zone] Herja Brandr-Moer@forgeleader: Can I get a Ramen, my brothers and siters?!
[Zone] Orcus@owlbearsrule: if you actually read the bible it tells you to beat your kids...remmeber that part?
[Zone] Kierman@kulgarun: Dom... most people don't care. Same as most peopple don't know there are 30k denominations of Christianity

If not more.

[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: I recall a time when my mother answered the door for some mormons while dressed in full ritual garb. She was a wiccan at the time.
[Zone] Nachtblitz@bubba2strokes: They just kind of apologized and left.
[Zone] HariNgDuga@ArchonHND: Much like Parents, God may be good... but he's got a lot of kids who are (!(#!.
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: its just ignorance because those who are zionist are winning
[Zone] Talia Hellbender@demonhunter919: That was the old testament as well. And yes I remember that part, my father was a preacher and he believed that fully. I have ADHD and tested his faith regularly.
[Zone] Maligo Libens@goldnugget1: god teaches us to love fellow christians. he teaches to put certain others to death.
[Zone] Lysahria Aleandlues@nafrelbug: must. not. get sucked in.. to retarded conversation.
[Zone] Kierman@kulgarun: sighs.. general chats in MMO's .. where you meet the wackiest of nutcases

Generally, yes. Haven't found one yet where there isn't at least one standout for conspiracy theory belief, religious fundamentalism, or general dogmatic sexism or rank homophobia.

Lucky for us Neverwinter players, there seems to be many of them, reaching out to spread their hatred and vile misinformation, interspersed with thousands and thousands of gold spammers. Oh joy.

[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: isreal is zionist, usa congress majority are zionist. starbucks is zionist
[Zone] Domino@zappawomp: shall i go on
[Zone] Kittens@gnuggly2: ok lets stop. everyone have (#!, and then smoke.....and change the subject

And the very next line of text I saw was a game notification:

[System Notify] Interaction interrupted.

Hee! And, I felt, an appropriate place to stop. I logged off soon after.

So...what did I learn from this, why did I post all this? I'm not really sure. I felt pseudo-compelled to, simply because I'd saved it, but I have dozens of saved chats, many of which I end up deleting because, weeks or months after the original incidents, they strike me as no longer relevant.

So...why this one? First, basely, Maligo pissed me off. I'm a vindictive person, though I try not to be; I hold on to slights, grudges, and hurts far longer than I should. I'm damaged; I know that, and for the most part, I'm comfortable with it.

I also obsess on small details, but still--hyper-religiosity doesn't usually go hand in hand with beliefs that one is evil--and not just evil, but joyously so. That name, combined with those sets of beliefs--beliefs which, taken literally, mean he is an active danger to me and to nearly everyone I know, on Second Life and off--confuse and unnerve me.

So...these three posts. Because I couldn't think of how deleting them in any way made sense.

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