Tuesday, May 7, 2013

divine is the daughter, the dream that you sell

Rye Weston has a little shop for various oddities in Highlands Japanese mall, and...this was a freebie she offered about a week or so back. (It might still be available.) Other than being named "Geisha Dance", I had no clue what it actually did.

Now I know. It is a dance. Geisha do not dance like this, but...it's some kind of dance, and the song is somehow related to Dance Dance Revolution, originally written and performed by SMiLE.dk and Naoki Maeda. Beyond that, I have no idea what they're going for.

(This was recorded at Custard Developments, again.)

Also, proof of my under-a-rock status came a few days back in the form of this NWN entry on the Oculus Rift. I hadn't heard a thing about it, then a couple days later, Among the Sleep (which has seven days to go, people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help fund this!!) announced they'd received a developers' kit for the Oculus Rift. As soon as this news leaked out, tons of people began asking for Oculus Rift support. So the team's now working on it.

I truly believe, one way or another, Krillbite Studio will find a way to fund this, and make this game, but even if they don't with this Kickstarter, they're already doing the ground work for Oculus Rift support. Which--if they remain as a game studio, and I think they will--might well serve them in future games.

So what is the Rift device? Well, it's yet another virtual-reality simulator, but in this case, it seems to be both far less bulky than previous helmet-based devices, and also, it splits the visual feed into two distinct angled displays, similar to how our eyes actually receive information naturally. There are some early reports that the device can cause sea-sickness (or at least, motion disorientation) in some users, but I think as the tech evolves and support grows, that will lessen. As it is, the Rift seems a very exciting development in virtual technology--and the Lindens also have a dev kit they're working with, to integrate Oculus Rift support into Second Life.

(from the shopping album; my bwuh of the day)

In other news...a friend mentioned this oddity, so I went to go look. It's copy only, 100% mesh, but for a freebie, the detail's incredible.

(from the shopping album; my bwuh of the day)

It's decently maneuverable (it is a flying machine, after all), and only slightly unwieldy on the turns, but overall, functions just fine.

(from the shopping album; my bwuh of the day)

The only problem? It's bigger than I am. (Note: I am NOT in a Petite form, it's just a biiiig barrel!)

The moose...barrel...helicopter...thing can be found at the United InshCon main store, as this week's group gift.

(from the media album; kind of had to be done)

And pondering on the mystery of screen names...a certain individual ([Sxxxxxx Txxxxx] by redacted name) currently has, as their screen name, "Shokneatomsendaplfkrjtfkplonpom".


Okay, then. Cue backing away slowly until escape is achieved.

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